On Fox & Friends, Michelle Malkin Predicts That Romney's '47 Percent' Remarks Will Appeal To Independents

The Romney campaign is obviously not coordinating its messaging too well with wingnut bloggers, because even though Willard has now totally backed off his "47%" diatribe -- the likes of the Anchor Baby keep insisting how awesome calling half the country lazy, entitled moochers was.

MALKIN: If you listened to what has been released, it's not clear that it was the full video, but he says preceding these comments that everybody has been publicizing, he talks specifically about the independents, the people who are not completely, uh, in the tank and in the uh, cult of Obama who can be swayed. And I think the kind of comments that he made are going to appeal to independents, the moderates that are left in this country, because they still have the same basic values that the Republican Party tried to showcase during the convention, and that Romney has been talking about and the media is ignoring: that we are having a choice here in November between an America of makers and America of takers.

Yeah, that's all wrong.

The secretly recorded video of Mitt Romney dissecting the American electorate at a high-priced fundraiser bolsters him among Republicans but makes almost a third of independents less likely to vote for him, a USA TODAY/Gallup Poll finds.

The survey, taken Tuesday, finds just over half of independents say the video won't make a difference in their vote. Those who say it will have an effect by 2-1, 29%-15%, say it makes them less likely rather than more likely to support the GOP presidential nominee.

Taking political advice from Michelle Malkin is like taking acting lessons from Carrot Top.


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