Stupid Right-Wing Tweets: Ben Shapiro Edition


I've made the point many times before, but there's nothing "conservative" about the current crop of right-wingers in this country. They're radicals. They want to overturn, not just the Great Society, but the New Deal and the reforms of the Progressive Era. This is how you get Ben Shapiro accusing Republican presidents like Teddy Roosevelt, Richard Nixon and George W. Bush of harboring a "victim mentality."

It also explains why wingnuts are running around thinking they've caught Obama RED HANDED!!!!! when he said he approves of redistribution. All taxation takes money away from some people and gives it to others -- and we've had a progressive income tax in the United States since World War I.

That today's wingers believe that the very existence of the safety net is un-American and progressive taxation is tantamount communism shows you just how over the bend they've really gone.


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