Stupid Right-Wing Tweets: Liz Cheney Edition


Over the weekend, Dick Cheney became a RINO.

It's true. His sin? Stating the obvious -- that McCain's choosing Sarah Palin as his running mate was a "mistake" because most voters didn't think she was qualified to be president.

Needless to say, this riled the rubes, and everyone from Michelle Malkin to Glenn "Instapundit" Reynolds rushed to The Quitter's defense, the latter hilariously arguing that she had a better chance than McCain of beating Obama in the general.

But look at Liz Cheney's words carefully. She's not responding to what her father said -- that most Americans didn't think The Quitter was qualified to be president -- at all. She's just asserting the laughable claim that Palin is more qualified to be president than Obama and Joe Biden, because, well, just because she said so, damnit.

So, let's roll the tape. Did most Americans think Palin was qualified to be president or not?

Sarah Palin's impact on McCain's fortunes will no doubt be long debated, and the results of the exit polls are somewhat mixed. Fully 60% of Americans casting ballots said that Palin is not qualified to be president should it be necessary; 81% of these voters favored Obama.

A few years ago, wingnuts like Liz Cheney would've acknowledged the truth of Dick Cheney's statement, but blamed it on Katie Couric. But the level of feverish delusion in the GOP is such now that they simply ignore the fact that a clear majority of Americans don't think The Quitter was qualified to be president, and declare her unilaterally to be the Most Qualified Candidate Evah.

In other words, Palin's awesome--suck it, Dad!

Here's hoping drink their own Kool-Aid enough to nominate Liz and Sarah in '16.


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