Rockabilly Meets Occupy

The Occubilly Brothers describe themselves as "the Occupy Movement's answer to The Cramps," and boy, do they know how to make members of the 99% dance. No matter how frustrated you are, you'll be tapping your toes to the new song, "Crashed It, Stashed It" in no time. For an extra bonus, check out the excerpt of informative lyrics below, and become a fan of the Occubilly Brothers' brand new Facebook page.

"Crashed It, Stashed It" lyrics: The criminals in congress might as well just pass a tax That goes straight from my paycheck all the way to Goldman Sachs The fats are getting rich, the rest of us are hurtin', Hell our last vice president came straight from Halliburton Cops can use their billy clubs, tear gas, or mace But my ass was already kicked by JP Morgan Chase It was homicide by Countrywide and Angelo Mozilo Citigroup and Boeing made us all bite the pillow Exxon Mobil Wells Fargo pay no income tax But nobody goes to prison for the min much less the max AIG and BofA they brought us to our knees While General Electric shipped their jobs overseas. They crashed it, stashed it... So let's take it back, get on track it's time to occupy.


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