Allen West Defends Disenfranchising Ohio Voters


After the Obama campaign filed their lawsuit in Ohio, which Mitt Romney subsequently went out and lied about, claiming that they were trying to disenfranchise military voters, which they're not, as Karoli explained here, wingnut Rep. Allen West took to his Facebook page to attack the President as well and throw some more flames about whether he deserves the title of "Commander in Chief."

As a retired Army officer I am appalled at the Obama administration’s actions to bring a lawsuit against the State of Ohio for the early voting privileges it extends to our Men and Women serving in uniform. To have the Commander in Chief make our US Servicemen and Women the target of a political attack to benefit his reelection actions is reprehensible. The voting privilege extended to these Warriors who represent the best among us should not be a part of the collective vision of this inept President who is more concerned about his reelection than sequestration. As a Combat Veteran, for this President to unleash his campaign cronies against our Military is unconscionable….how dare this President compare the service, sacrifice, and commitment of those who Guard our liberties not as special and seek to compare them to everyone else. Barack Obama is undeserving of the title Commander-in-Chief.

Quite astounding coming from this man: Allen West (R-FL) Brags about Torturing Iraqi Policeman. Yeah, that's who I want to hear from when it comes to judging whether President Obama deserves his title or not. Spare me.

For her part, Greta Van Susteren did at least press West about why he thought it was alright to disenfranchise all of those other Ohio voters and he did not have a good answer. His response was basically that they go "above and beyond" what everyone else in the state is doing, therefore they should have extra time to vote.

How about those veterans West? You think they deserve the same amount of time to vote as those currently serving? I don't know what it's going to take to get some meaningful, national laws protecting everyone's rights, making the availability of early voting mandatory everywhere and getting rid of these rigged voting machines, but we're long past due for all of it.


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