Andrea Mitchell Suggests That Democrats Who Are Turning Out To Vote Early Aren't Voting For Democrats


After DCCC Chairman Rep. Chris Van Hollen points out that the Democrats are out performing Republicans in many of the districts which allow early voting Mrs. Greenspan decides to read straight from the Republican talking points memo of the week.

Mitchell: Well, although Republicans put out the word yesterday that you should be careful for what you wish for because some of those Democrats who are turning out early could be Democrats who are voting against you.

Van Hollen lets her know that there isn't any polling data to support that, but I'm sure that won't stop Andrea Mitchell and the rest of the beltway Villagers from allowing this to become the new conventional wisdom from now until the elections next Tuesday. It sounds like she's already making excuses for flawed election results if these rigged machines don't match up with voter turnout and exit polls on election day. I'm also tired of the concerted effort by the media to suppress the Democratic vote by telling everyone the races are already lost before election day. The Democrats very well may not hold the House but the Villagers are doing their best to make sure that happens.

Mitchell then went on to downplay the outside anonymous groups donating to conservatives by comparing that to the Democrats' war chest. As Van Hollen explained:

There's a huge difference these big monied special interests that are pouring money into races and money that candidates spend which is both limited and transparent and that's what the voters don't like.

We need to be getting all of the money out with publicly funded elections but our lovely Supreme Court opened the floodgates to make things even worse instead no matter how much the Villagers like Mitchell want to pretend this is just business as usual. Most voters don't like our politicians being bought whether it's transparent who's doing the buying or not. Unfortunately we're not seeing Democrats take the opportunity to make the case for public financing. If this election cycle doesn't wake them up to the fact that our badly broken system needs to be fixed, I don't know what will.


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