Boehner: If Government Jobs Are Lost From Spending Cuts 'So Be It'


Hey John Boehner... where are the jobs? Oh, I guess they don't matter if it's government employees potentially getting hammered from the GOP's proposed spending cuts.

Boehner: If Jobs Are Lost As A Result Of GOP Spending Cuts 'So Be It':

If House Republicans succeed in cutting tens of billions of dollars in discretionary spending over the next six months, some of the most immediate victims will be federal employees, many of whose jobs will be slashed as their agencies pare back.

At a press conference in the lobby of RNC headquarters Tuesday morning, House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) shrugged this off as collateral damage.

"In the last two years, under President Obama, the federal government has added 200,000 new federal jobs," Boehner said. "If some of those jobs are lost so be it. We're broke."

Some of those employees will no doubt collect unemployment insurance, so the government's obligation to them won't disappear with their jobs.

As TPM and John King pointed out, his numbers are wrong too.

And you've got to love CNN's favorite phony baloney "centrist" hack John Avlon defending Boehner here. Talking like some tough guy when you're doing real damage to real people's lives isn't going to win him any points in the minds of most of the electorate. It would be nice if his constituency at home finally had a belly full of him.

UPDATE: And here's more from Steve Benen. Apparently Villager Mark Halperin is trying to trivialize this as some sort of minor gaffe by Boehner. As Steve explains, it's not.

And Rachel Maddow opened her show by asking if John Boehner is just not very good at his job considering the way the last month has gone for him, with this remark just being the latest in a series of missteps.



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