Eric Cantor: 'We Can't Be Raising Taxes Every Three Months'


From this Sunday's Meet the Press, despite all of his rhetoric attempting to help the Republican party with their so-called rebranding effort, Eric Cantor didn't do a very good job of hiding just who his party is looking out for, and it sure as hell isn't the average worker out there: Cantor: We Can’t Raise Taxes ‘Every Three Months’:

House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA) said Sunday that he does not support bringing in new revenue by closing tax loopholes in order to avoid sequestration, during an appearance on NBC's "Meet the Press."

"We can't be raising taxes every three months in this town," Cantor said, referring to the tax increases that went into effect in early January.

Cantor added that he doesn't want the sequester to go into effect and said it's up to President Obama to make a move now on avoiding it.

Politicususa has more on Cantor's interview here: Eric Cantor Embarrasses Himself Playing Sequester Blame Game and here: Hypocrisy Alert: Eric Cantor Added $3.4 Trillion to Debt But Blames Obama for His Debt. NBC has the full transcript up here, but for this segment, I think I prefer the Bobblespeak version.

Meet The Press - February 10, 2012 :

Gregory: the sequester automatic
spending cuts could happen in a
few days and would cripple
Virginia's economy

Audience: yes Virginia there
is a Sequester Clause

Cantor: these are horrible
indiscriminate cuts I supported

Gregory: so why can't you make
a deal with Obama?

Cantor: because Obama wants to raise taxes

Gregory: so you can't compromise?

Cantor: no because Obama got his
tax hikes and took things from the rich
and now it's our turn to get what we want

Gregory: which is what?

Cantor: take things from the poor
and give them back to the rich

Gregory: but the sequester
would wreck the economy

Cantor: look we can't raise
taxes every 3 months

Gregory: or once every 20 years

Cantor: we actually have things
Obama supports in our plan

Gregory: well good

Cantor: but first he has to agree
not to raise taxes

Gregory: ok

Cantor: also this is all Obama's fault

Gregory: do you like sequester or not?

Cantor: it would be an epic disaster
but not as bad a raising taxes on
our precious job-creating billionaires

Gregory: you changed your
mind on immigration

Cantor: these illegal immigrants
came here as children through
no fault of their own

Gregory: would you support
the DREAM Act?

Cantor: no because it has Obama cooties on it

Gregory: what can you support?

Cantor: something exactly like it

Gregory: what would it take for
Republicans to support immigration reform?

Cantor: If Obama came out against it

Gregory: that would do it

Cantor: right

Gregory: how can you re-brand the
Republican party when people
don't like your central beliefs?

Cantor: we have to persuade people
that cutting taxes for very rich
people will make their lives better

Gregory: okay

Cantor: also school scholarships
seem to be popular

Gregory: wow

They translated the entire show, so go read the rest. It's much more enjoyable than actually watching it. Take my word for it.

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