The Five's Eric Bolling Dons Tinfoil Hat To Mock #OWS Protesters


In what has been an ongoing attack by Fox News to paint the Occupy Wall Street protesters as "the fringe" and those who don't represent the views of the mainstream of America, Fox's The Five's Eric Bolling went to far as to don a tinfoil hat on this Friday's show to mock them.

Bob Beckel, the lone Fox Democrat on the panel gave Bolling a hard time for making a fool out of himself on television and got onto his fellow panelist for the which protesters they put on the air and making sure they pick people who are going to make them look as bad as possible and asked them what they thought of the behavior of these so-called "tea party" activists and their behavior at town hall meetings during the health care law debate.

Naturally none of them thought it was a fair comparison to look at their fawning coverage of those who were out there disrupting town hall meetings compared to the sneering we've seen from them of the #OWS movement.

Media Matters has more on that here -- Fox Calls Wall Street Protesters The "Fringe" -- But Majority Of Americans Support Them:

Fox News figures have called the Occupy Wall Street protests a "fringe" movement and have spent weeks attacking the protesters. But a new Time magazine poll shows that the protesters are supported by a majority of Americans, and their causes are supported by large majorities of the public -- including, in some cases, by most Republicans.

Lots more on the coverage they've been monitoring, so go read the rest.


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