Fox' Hemmer Shouts Down Rep. Van Hollen While Reading From Ryan's Op-Ed


So much for those claims that unlike their "opinion" shows in the evening, Fox' daytime programming is supposed to be "straight news" reporting, but then, we all knew that was ridiculous before this incident: Fox News Anchor Shouts Down Criticism Of Ryan Budget:

Fox News host Bill Hemmer tried to shout down Rep. Chris Van Hollen’s (D-MD) criticism of the GOP budget on Tuesday morning by loudly reading from Rep. Paul Ryan’s (R-WI) editorial promoting the newly-released Republican plan.

Hemmer dismissed Van Hollen’s claims that Ryan’s proposal would benefit the richest Americans while severely underfunding programs like Medicare, Medicaid, and food stamps as “talking points” and claimed that the plan would make the government “healthier.” Then, as Van Hollen explained that steep cuts in spending would undermine job growth, Hemmer proceeded to angrily read from Ryan’s Wall Street Journal opinion piece.

As Van Hollen told Hemmer at the end of the interview, reading from Ryan's Wall Street Journal editorial to argue his points isn't exactly "fair and balanced." Media Matters has more where they break down all of the Republican talking points Hemmer was regurgitating here: Fox Regurgitates False Talking Points To Defend Ryan Budget . It's a long list, so go read the whole thing.


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