Jon Stewart plays six degrees of Kevin Bacon with ClusterFox for their fear mongering over the Islamic center near ground zero dust up. BruinKid o
August 21, 2010

Jon Stewart plays six degrees of Kevin Bacon with ClusterFox for their fear mongering over the Islamic center near ground zero dust up. BruinKid over at Daily Kos was kind enough to transcribe the whole segment but here's the part where he whacks Fox.

STEWART: I get it, you feel very strongly about the event in that area. You lost friends, and a certain amount of cash and coins. But, even though many innocent Muslims also died in the towers and the Pentagon, and the Pentagon has a mosque in it with no problems, you feel there should not be a mosque down there. At least symbolically, it doesn't sit well with you. And I can accept that. I can accept that argument, I can respect that argument. Here's where you lose me.

BOLLING: We're following the money trail. Where is this money coming from? Unfortunately, with this guy, imam Rauf, he's not a great... he's not a good guy. He's being portrayed as a, you know, a moderate Muslim. This guy has questionable ties.

I mean, there's questions whether he has ties to Perdana, which was the group that sent that flotilla towards Israel, remember that whole conflict on the water? He may have ties... Perdana and Muslim Brotherhood are a handshake apart. ... And here's one we should all really worry about, where's Iran in this? Perdana, Iran, have been loosely tied to imam Rauf also. ... Do I want a mosque that may be, that may be a meeting place for some of the scariest minds, some of the biggest terrorist minds...

KILMEADE: Yeah, the next Hamburg cell could be right downtown.

Or uptown, or Midtown, definitely not the Village, I mean, the rents there....

But the very fact that the Trade Center bombing could've been hatched from Hamburg, means they don't have to be next to it when they plan. And may have ties to people who might have bad ideas that may end up getting money from relatives of people who might have, for some reason, safety deposit boxes filled with money.... It's a dangerous game of guilt by association you could play with almost anybody. All you need is a card and a highlighter. It's, it's, it's nothing. It's, ah, what is that game called? It's six degrees of people who don't eat bacon! Let me do it for you. OK, here, let's try this.

Here's Rupert Murdoch. He owns Fox News. Now, he definitely has ties to Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal. Al-Waleed bin Talal owns the second largest share of NewsCorp, outside of the Murdoch family. He owns 7%, $2.5 billion dollars. Now, they say he's a liberal Muslim, but he is in the Saudi royal family, which may have ties to funding the Wahhabist mosques, the same particular brand of Islam practiced by some of the terrorists. And he may have business dealings with the Carlyle Group, whose clients include... bin Laden family, one of whose sons, now obviously I'm not going to say which son, one of whose sons may be anti-American. I'm just connecting this, I'm just reading off the highlighted card.

By the way, after 9/11, Mayor Rudy Giuliani would not... after 9/11, Rudy Giuliani would not accept $10 million from the same Prince Al-Waleed, because he had cited Mideast policy as one of the reasons that we were attacked, which is the same reason they said that the imam down at the Ground Zero mosque was a radical.

So I think that, really, when you look at this card, and you do highlight it in yellow, the only thing you can come up with is: Is Fox News a terrorist command center? I don't know. I just don't know. I'm just saying that you can draw this up.

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Go give them a recommend if you're a Daily Kos member. They put a lot of work into that post and they also have the following segment posted as well. Enjoy! Stewart knocks another one out of the park.

UPDATE: Correct embed is now in the post.

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