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Jon Stewart Smacks Down CNBC And Fox Anchors For Defending JP Morgan

The Daily Show's Jon Stewart lets the corporate suck ups over at CNBC and Fox Business Channel have it for their defense of JP Morgan Chase and Jamie Dimon after they were finally fined for some of their illegal behavior.

The Daily Show's Jon Stewart opened up this Wednesday's show by letting the so-called financial analysts over at CNBC and the Fox Business Channel have it for their concern trolling for poor old JP Morgan Chase.

After playing footage of CNBC's money honey, Maria Bartiromo, arguing with Salon's Alex Pareene about how terrible it was that someone was finally going to hold Dimon and his ilk accountable -- and Bartiromo and some of her colleagues claiming that he should have been cut some slack because the government supposedly forced them to buy Bear Stearns -- Stewart treated his audience to some footage of CNBC's Jim Cramer, who apparently had a very different view of that deal at the time.

Stewart wrapped things up after the Cramer footage with a sentiment that's probably shared by a lot of us: "F*ck all y’all."

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UPDATE: Bonus video for anyone who hasn't seen it already. Here's Sam Seder and Matt Taibbi taking apart Bartiromo as well.


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