Jon Stewart Takes On Denizens Of 'Bullsh*t Mountain' For Shutdown Coverage


Jon Stewart opened up his show for the third night in a row with their ongoing coverage of what The Daily Show has dubbed "Shutstorm 2013," and Thursday, Stewart's ire was aimed squarely at the denizens of "Bullsh*t Mountain" aka Fox "news" and their faux outrage of the WW II memorial being closed, along with their cohorts in the Congress, who rail on about the need for "limited government" until it comes to the parts of the government they like.

STEWART: Over on "Bullsh*t Mountain, they've realized that this shutdown ain't looking so hot for one particular political party.

HASSELBECK: According to the Media Research Center, network evening news stories over the last two weeks have blamed the GOP 21 times and blamed Democrats none.

STEWART: And they're also blaming floods on water, not fire. And sunsets on the rotation of the earth, not giant feathered serpents who devour the sun at night. Yes, it appears as though during this shutdown, facts are mattering. Well, we can't have that... to the bullsh*tnator.

HANNITY: We're also seeing first hand the devastating impact this liberal shutdown is having...

STEWART: "Liberal shutdown"... hmmm. The feces is strong in this one. Alright, shutdown relabeled. [...]

Could there be a higher octane fuel for Fox News' false outrage exploitation engine than wheelchair-bound World War II veterans? There is... maybe a fetus that owns a small business and that small business makes Merry Christmas muzzle cozies. That would be the only outrage.

They will storm the barricades to make sure these maybe 100 veterans get into the memorial, while forgetting it's their allies' asinine budget shenanigans that not only shut it in the first place, but also put Meals on Wheels at risk, a program which serves meals to over 500,000 veterans a year. [...]

That's why outrage from Bullsh*t Mountain, can almost never be taken seriously.

Cue a mashup with Republicans railing on about how their love for "limited government" and for that evil government to "just leave us alone" to which Stewart responded:

STEWART: See, you hate the government, yet you wail like banshees if any of the services and benefits you like are taken away. You know who you are? You're The Jerk!

After getting a few more shots in at Fox, Stewart turned to "longtime federal employee who has seen the effects of this shutdown firsthand" Smokey the Bear, who is not going to do his job until they "f**king pay me."


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