Karl Rove Defends His Dirty Political Tactics - Denies McCain Whisper Campaign

From The Today Show, Karl Rove tries to pretend he isn't just another Lee Atwater Republican dirty trickster while discussing his new book. He also continues to claim he had nothing to do with the whisper campaign against John McCain in South Carolina.

I guess Cheney and Bush are next with more of this turd polishing exercise from the Bush administration.

(Nicole:) Someone at Media Matters with a much stronger stomach than I got a copy of Rove's book and put it to the old reality test. Guess what? Pretty much an epic fail:

Karl Rove's forthcoming memoir Courage and Consequence purports to respond to critics by "putting the record straight," but Media Matters has found that Rove's book is full of falsehoods. Below is an ongoing list of Rove's misinformation in the book, which Media Matters obtained in advance of its scheduled release.

1. Rove distorts Senate report to claim Bush didn't "lie us into the war"

2. Rove falsehood: Obama claims "Obamacare would not add to the deficit ... evidence shows just the opposite"

3. Rove revives tired smear that Gore wrongly said "that he had created the Internet"

4. Rove revives Gore-Love Story smear

5. Rove falsehood: Gore said he had "discovered the Love Canal chemical disaster"

6. Rove pals around with falsehood that Ayers was "Obama's great friend"

7. Rove wrong on number of presidents who left office by "assassination or resignation"


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