Lawrence O'Donnell Rewrites Mitt Romney's Dishonest Campaign Ad


Lawrence O'Donnell took a shot at the Rick Perry and Mitt Romney campaigns for their recent, lying campaign ads and at the media for allowing them to get away with this sort of dishonest advertising due to their refusal for the most part, to use the word "lie."

Think Progress came up with a response to the Romney ad which Lawrence played at the end of this segment which is, as they noted, "*Accurate, according to the Romney standard of accuracy."

New ThinkProgress ‘Ad’: Romney Says ‘Let Us Just Raise Your Taxes Some More’*:

Yesterday, Mitt Romney released his first campaign ad, which quotes President Obama saying “if we keep talking about the economy, we’re going to lose.” But those weren’t Obama’s words; he was quoting a strategist for Sen. John McCain in 2008.

In response, the Romney campaign has defended this blatantly dishonest campaign tactic as “not out of bounds.” Thus, ThinkProgress has created this completely in-bounds “advertisement” quoting Romney, in his own words:

When I watched this, I wondered if O'Donnell had read Digby's post on the fact that generally, there is no punishment by our media for politicians doing this sort of thing because of exactly what O'Donnell was talking about here, the media allowing the lie to stand. Here's more from Digby -- Knowing their marks:

I'm not sure why we should be shocked by these Romney operatives taking credit for a dishonest campaign ad since operatives do it all the time, but I guess it's just the arrogant openness about their rank dishonesty that makes it remarkable: [...]

Those Romney operatives aren't fools and they know they can get away with lying as long as the press decides they can get away with it. Whether it's because they want Romney to be the nominee or because it fits with their narrative about Obama or some combination of the two, they are very likely to let this pass or even allow it to become part of the CW, thus kicking in Cokie's Law, which says "it doesn't matter if it's true or not, it's out there." Fact checking only matters if the press wants it to matter.

This lie may or may not become conventional wisdom, but whatever happens it won't be a result of the news media doing its job and getting to the truth. It will be because it fits their story line.


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