O'Reilly And Dobbs Rail On About 'Health Care Deal For The Ladies' With No Co-Pay For Birth Control


As we already reported here, the Department of Health and Human Services recently announced that insurance companies would now be required to cover women's health care services such as birth control and breast exams, among others with no co-pay. Apparently that didn't sit too well with Fox's Bill O'Reilly and his guest, Lou Dobbs.

Heaven forbid that women are going to have easier access to birth control and in O'Reilly's world, that somehow might bankrupt the poor little old insurance companies who just aren't making enough profits while figuring out ways to deny coverage to their sick customers already. I'd like to know if either of these two clowns were ever opining over whether insurance companies were covering things like Viagra, which my insurance does, while they do not pay for birth control pills, or they didn't before this ruling went through. I guess I'll find out with my next trip to the pharmacy.

You tell me what's better for their bottom line. Helping men to get women pregnant by helping them to have more sex, or preventing unwanted pregnancies and that same company paying to insure the children that are on that same insurance plan after a woman gets pregnant, or for the costs of covering just one pregnancy in the first place, especially if heaven forbid anything goes wrong during that pregnancy.

Someone needs to put these two sexist relics out to pasture, but unfortunately for all of us, I don't imagine Fox or their sister channel, Fox Business that now employs Dobbs to do that any time soon.

I thought Dobbs was terrible at CNN once he went over the cliff with his bashing of undocumented immigrants and then turning full birther as well. Unfortunately Fox employing him has just made him even worse with just looking like an angry old man who's full of hatred instead of pretending to care about the middle class as he used to do at CNN.

h/t Media Matters who have more links on Fox at their post and their madness on heaven forbid birth control being offered at no cost for women lucky enough to have health insurance.

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