March 6, 2010

Bill-O with a bit of fear mongering on what the United States should be doing with terrorism suspects, which is trying them in civilian court and not military tribunals. I understand the objections to the trials being held in New York but there’s no reason they could not be moved to another court in the United States. Of course O’Reilly simplifies this to the point of fighting “bad guys” and claims that Gitmo hasn’t been a recruiting tool. His proof… they’d still hate us if we closed it.

Well, yeah since that’s not the only reason we’ve got a terrorism problem. Heaven forbid the likes of O’Reilly might recognize that our foreign policy in general and the extreme poverty of desperate people might just have something to do with people being willing to blow themselves up or kill themselves to make a political point.

The Obama administration is making a huge mistake with this decision and one result that’s already manifesting itself is giving this asshat this talking point when it didn’t have to happen.

O’Reilly: Politically speaking we can look at this two ways. On the positive side President Obama could reverse a bad policy and that is a good thing. On the negative side Holder’s civilian trial vision was so misguided it’s almost frightening. Apparently Holder thinks America is on trial here—that our anti-terrorism strategies need to be justified to the world. That is a dangerous point of view that would get Americans killed in the future.

If the Obama administration is going to back track and make themselves look like flip floppers while making deals with Lindsey Graham, I sure as hell hope they got something in return for it. Given their track record so far on how the health care debate went, I’m not optimistic about the prospect that they did. For now they’re giving Fox their talking points that the Attorney General hates America and that these military tribunals which don’t have good results are a better way to go than civilian trials. Bravo.


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