Rep. Louis Gohmert: Since Social Security's Inception, There's Never Been One Dime Of Real Money In The Trust Fund


Looks like Rep. "Terror-babies" Louis Gohmert isn't done fearmongering, this time to an eighty some year old caller on C-SPAN's Washington Journal. When the caller asked him where her Social Security tax money had gone after what she's heard about potential cuts to the program, Gohmert lied and said "there's never been a dime of real money in the Social Security trust fund."

Well if that's true Mr. Gohmert, I'd like to know who else you think should be allowed to default on their debts besides the United States Treasury Department? The caller is right. All of us as taxpayers paid into that fund.

And after saying it's shameless that the trust fund somehow hasn't been protected, Gohmert goes on to reassure the caller that he's not going to screw her over with any changes to the system, just her children and grand children. He's actually got the gall to pretend here that Republicans care about keeping our social safety nets in place when their party has hated those programs and done their best to dismantle them since they first started.

If Rep. Gohmert actually believes that there "hasn't been a dime of real money" in that trust fund, then he's got some explaining to do to his constituents about why they're still allowing that money to come out of their paychecks every week.

Sorry Louie, but I would like the money you and your ilk borrowed against it paid back, as I would imagine everyone else who paid into the fund would as well. That surplus that's been borrowed against is only not "real money" unless you think it's acceptable for borrowers to default on their creditors without being thrown in prison.

That's the type of justice that of course is always inflicted on the poor and the powerless. If those in power decide they want to raid that fund, well, the rest of us are just supposed to get over it and pretend we never paid that money to the government in the first place. They needed it for their wars and to give tax breaks to the rich. A country's got to have its priorities, don't you know. In the Louie Gohmerts of the world's vision, that includes telling seniors and widows and orphans that we took your money and don't expect to get it back.

They'd rather any of us drop dead than upset their wealthy campaign donors.


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