Romney Backtracks Within Hours On Remarks About Preexisting Conditions


Mitt Romney once again proves he can flip flop at the speed of light, this time over his statements on Meet the Press where he gave a lot of people the impression he actually wanted to do something about making sure those with preexisting conditions could get health insurance.

Karoli wasn't too impressed with what Romney said this Sunday and had already explained why his "replacement" was going to be exactly what we've got now. If there was any doubt, now his staff is out there with a "clarification."

Within Hours, Mitt Romney Takes Back Everything He Said About Preexisting Conditions:

On national TV this morning, with millions of people watching, Mitt Romney told David Gregory that there were parts of Obamacare he actually liked. In fact, he said, one of the goals of his healthcare plan "is to make sure that those with preexisting conditions can get coverage." A few hours later, with approximately zero people listening, a spokesman quietly "clarified" what he meant:

In reference to how Romney would deal with those with preexisting conditions and young adults who want to remain on their parents’ plans, a Romney aide responded that there had been no change in Romney’s position and that “in a competitive environment, the marketplace will make available plans that include coverage for what there is demand for. He was not proposing a federal mandate to require insurance plans to offer those particular features.”

As it happens, we already have a competitive market for individual insurance. In addition, we already have demand for coverage of preexisting conditions. And yet, the marketplace doesn't make policies available to people with preexisting conditions.

Why? Because policies that cover preexisting conditions are big money losers unless you charge premiums high enough that no one could afford them. Because of that, nobody bothers to offer them in the first place. That's how the free market works. It would be nice if Romney could explain how he intends to square this circle. Read on...

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