Romney Bush Redux - Can America Afford A Third Bush Term?


As we await Mitt Romney's upcoming speech at this year's Republican National Convention, it might be worth noting that he's already given a speech in New Hampshire which was packed full of lies and will likely resemble greatly the speech he's going to give at their convention this year.

That upcoming speech will also likely bear a great resemblance to the speech that George W. Bush gave before their convention back in 2000, if Romney decides to repeat any of what he's said in past speeches this year.

I had the unfortunate circumstance of catching George W. Bush's acceptance speech from the Republican National Convention back in 2000 on C-SPAN this weekend and started having flashbacks to Mittens speech in New Hampshire which I posted on here: Mitt Romney's Dishonest New Hampshire Campaign Speech.

The clip above is a reminder that both men are promising the same policies, using the same sort of flame throwing against their opponent and have likely hired the same speech writers. We already know Romney has hired a whole bunch of Bush war mongers for his foreign policy advisers and what that's likely to mean when it comes to getting our country involved in more unwise military interventions across the globe.

Romney, along with the rest of the Republican Party would prefer to pretend that they never heard of George W. Bush even though the policies they're promoting now, have been tried and failed under his presidency.

And for a party that wants to pretend he didn't exist, they sure are fond of repeating his rhetoric. I guess they are counting on Americans having no collective memory of what's happened as recently as the last decade' and sadly our media has been more than happy to help them along.

I thought a little reminder of how similar their rhetoric has been that we've heard out of Bush and now from Romney might be a useful reminder to voters as to just what Romney is promising us if we're unfortunate enough to see him end up in the White House.

You can read the full speeches by both men here that the clip above has been cut from:

Governor George W. Bush - Acceptance Speech

and here:

Mitt Romney’s New Hampshire primary speech (TEXT).

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