I'm sure CNN got exactly what they expected by bringing on former New York Mayor, Rudy Giuliani on Piers Morgan's show this Wednesday evening, to call Vice President Biden names, since I'm sure he's still smarting from Joe calling him "a noun and a
August 16, 2012

I'm sure CNN got exactly what they expected by bringing on former New York Mayor, Rudy Giuliani on Piers Morgan's show this Wednesday evening, to call Vice President Biden names, since I'm sure he's still smarting from Joe calling him "a noun and a verb and 9/11" a while back when Giuliani was running for president himself.

Giuliani just continued to prove that Republicans have little more than feigned outrage, projection and lies to run on right now during this interview. The party that's been playing the race card for decades and that implemented the Southern Strategy and that is still doing its best to make sure minorities can't vote to this day needs to shut the hell up when it comes to charges of racism.

But they won't, and we're going to see more interviews like this one from our corporate media that's happy to go along with them before the campaign season is over. We got a tiny bit of push back from Morgan on Giuliani's hypocrisy and whether he actually believes what he was saying here, but he basically just let Giuliani spew his venom unchallenged.

Giuliani also has that feigned victimhood card down pat, since he claimed we've got a media that actually gives deference to liberals, when that's about as far from the truth as you can get. Actual liberals are almost never allowed on the air by our corporate media and if by accident they let some of them on, there is always at least one to five "conservatives" on to counter them for "balance," with some of MSNBC's programming being the exceptions.

He also pretended that the corporate media regularly calls Republicans out for their race baiting, which is utterly false with the exception of again, just a few shows on MSNBC, and that Biden got some sort of "free pass" when that is also completely ridiculous. If the media was giving Biden a free pass, they wouldn't be letting Giuliani on the air to talk about what he said in the first place. And Fox News, which race baits themselves pretty much on a daily basis, if not an hourly one, would not be on the air running this story about every hour as well. And we wouldn't have CNN running with the story all day long.

Biden didn't get a "free pass" when this nonsense dominated a good deal of the news cycle on almost every single station that calls themselves "news" these days for the last couple of days, along with largely uncritical coverage of Romney's feigned outrage in response. The one who got a "free pass" was Rudy here playing the typical GOP feigned victimhood card.

Rough transcript of Rudy's hackery below the fold.

MORGAN: Now, you're very nice to me. You weren't very nice about the Vice President yesterday. You said he's basically too stupid to be in office.

GIULIANI: Well, the Vice President wasn't very nice yesterday. The Vice President did something disgusting yesterday. The Vice President went to a venue in Southern Virginia, speaking to an audience that was half African-American. Feigning a Southern accent, he said that Romney and Ryan are gonna put you all in chains.

Now, come on. That's outrageous. If a Republican Vice President had said that and in the space of twenty four hours had also gotten wrong the state that he was in and today the century that he's in, you would be raising all kinds of questions about this man's fitness for office.

If Vice President Cheney did this, if Sarah Palin did this, if Paul Ryan did this, it would have been on the front page of the New York Times, and you all would have been outraged. So somebody had to get outraged, and it's gonna be me.

This man makes one stupid remark after another. Today he said that he and Barack Obama are gonna lead us in the 20th century. Well, maybe that was a Freudian slip because they want to take us back to the 20th century and the failed economic policies that didn't work in some parts of the 20th century.

But, I mean, this is one gaffe after another. (crosstalk) There's a Web site devoted to this man's gaffes. Now, okay, we all do it. But when we do it, Republicans, it becomes a national headline. It becomes a major focus. And when a Democrat does it, it's just old Uncle Joe Biden, one of the Washington crowd. He gets the century wrong. He tells a man in a wheel chair to stand up. This is all okay.

And then, he engages in what is a vicious attack. I mean, the mistakes about the century and the mistakes about other things like that, okay. But to do what he did yesterday in front of a half African-American audience, using and feigning a Southern accent to say that Romney and  Ryan want to put these people in chains is outrageous.

MORGAN: Do you really believe that Joe Biden was being deliberately racist. Do you actually believe that?

GIULIANI: Well, then we have to question, what was he being? I mean, he had a teleprompter here (crosstalk)

MORGAN: Had he said shackles rather than chains, had he said that, would it have made any difference to you?

GIULIANI: What about... I have no idea. What about the phoney Southern accent? What was that all about? In front of a half African-American audience. And tell me, if a Republican did this that you all wouldn't be outraged that it was some kind of racial appeal, racist appeal. How about holding both sides to the same standards? That's what we do in America. We have a level playing field. If God forbid Paul Ryan ever made a mistake like this coming out of the box you'd all be going crazy.

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