Alex Jones Foams At The Mouth To Piers Morgan Over Gun Control

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I thought I had seen Alex Jones on TV before, but nothing can prepare a normal human being to watch something like this. I know some people might think Piers Morgan shouldn't be inviting the most extreme right wingers on his show at any time at all, but once in a while it's good to let them loose so the American people can truly see who and what they are. The man who made his bones by promoting black helicopter info during the Clinton years and continued to more Bircheresque conspiracies through the Bush years helped start a petition drive to kick Piers Morgan out of the United States for daring to promote gun control after the horrifying massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary.

By the way, Morgan's freedom of speech was thrown out of the window by Jones, but he doesn't even realize it. I guess some Constitutional rights are more important than others.

In response, Piers decided it would be a good idea to debate Alex Jones over the issue. As you can imagine, Jones wants to arm everybody in American and in our schools because that's freedom.

Morgan quickly learned that you can't have a normal discussion over an issue with people like Jones, who got more rabid as the minutes passed. He spewed out what he believed to be da facts about violence in America, all the while ignoring Morgan's questions. By the end of the first 15 minutes, Jones screaming at Morgan that if they tried to make Americans register guns then they'll take them all away and Mr. and Mrs.America will rise up and rebel once again like it was 1776 once again, motherf*&kers!

Alex Jones screamed that Piers Morgan and his advertisers were trying to control him, berated his show repeatedly and challenged him to a mano-a-mano boxing match on his set. Jones would even wear an American flag or something.

By the second half of the interview, Jones was so unnerved by Morgan's calm approach to his hysteria that he broke out into some kind of a weird English accent (I think) to describe some past events in history (I think) which makes the word pathetic seem too kind.

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Millions of extreme wingnuts have listened to this man over the years and the only explanation I have is that there's a sucker born every day.


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