Dallas Tea Party Honcho Calls Unemployment, Food-Stamp Recipients 'Moochers'


I was watching the Dallas Tea Party leader Dennis Phillips acting like an utter buffoon on Neil Cavuto's Your World by calling the recipients of unemployment and food stamps "moochers" as well as other niceties, while crying over the expiring Bush tax cuts. Those tax cuts are the single biggest reason why we have such a big federal debt -- you know, the debt that the Dallas Tea Party is crying about. He has choice words for Mitt Romney, GOP and a tanning John Boehner too, but he's revealed as a total crackpot just by claiming the Tea Party is nonpartisan. Please watch the video because I'm not up to transcribing any more of this segment than I absolutely have to.

CAVUTO: Do you think -- is it Tea Partiers that are upset with all these guys, or particularly upset with the Republican leadership in the House, the Senate, what?

PHILLIPS: Well, I think it's across the board. The Tea Party is nonpartisan.


Does he reside on the planet Kolob or does he think we do? Poll after poll establishes that Tea Partiers are angry Republican voters ... oh, never mind with the facts.

Phillips is so dumb that he assigns Republicans with being either the party of evil or the party of stupid, or perhaps both. Maybe he's onto something there, but that's not what he was trying to say. He does want the GOP to cowboy up!

And he can sure run off a bunch of lofty sounding numbers pretty quickly, (yippie yi ya to y'all) so maybe.to Cavuto’s core audience it appears that he does know what he’s talking about. I mean he can recite numbers quite well. He also manages to zing John Boehner, if a bit clumsily ("He should stop spend as much time tanning and more time cutting our out-of-control spending in Washington").

But then he gets to the root of his resentment:

PHILLIPS: I think it is a bad thing is they let those cuts expire, we’re in the middle of a deep, deep recession … Now is not the time to increase taxes to the dwindling producers in our country when we have a president who is trying to give more money away to the moochers and welfare. We need people working, not sitting back receiving food stamps and unemployment. It’s laughable.

Yes indeed, you are laughable. You can always count on Neil Cavuto to bring on a repugnant blowhard to spew diseased speech intended to hurt those that are suffering the most in our society.

(h/t Video Cafe)


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