August 11, 2013


When we last saw Dexter and Debra at the end of episode seven, they both had been drugged by Hannah McKay, his ex-girlfriend and as Dexter passed out he heard Hannah say, "Remember me?" All week we wondered what Hannah had in store for these two since she had escaped prison after Dexter had her arrested for trying to poison his sister. Was she going to take revenge on Debra and kill her as payback for Dexter's betrayal? Would she kill them both? The episode opens with Dexter's cell phone ringing, which wakes him up on the other side of town while his body lays by some rocks near a waterway in Kendall. The phone wakes him up and it's Dr. Vogel calling to tell him that she talked to Zach Hamilton.

"I'm so glad you decided not to kill him."

She's very excited that Dexter is going to try to teach him Harry's Code instead of cutting him up and dumping him into the ocean. Dr. Vogel is really very loose with her moral interpretations of murder. I guess being the psychopath whisperer does that to a person. But Dexter is too worried about his sister to want to talk to her now. He needs to find out what happened to his sister when he gets another incoming call from Debra's phone. He blows off Dr. Vogel and picks up. It's Deb wondering what happened to him. Relieved, he gives her the GPS to his location and she picks him up. When she gets there, Dexter confirms to her that Hannah has returned, but isn't sure what her motivation is. I never realized this before, but Hannah is also a very important figure to Debra as well as being Dexter's love.

The moment I asked you to kill her was the moment I started to lose myself."

I didn't put that together, but it's very revealing. In her mind, Hannah is the trigger point for her unraveling and not because Dexter is a serial killer. She can't have her back in her life again. If I was Hannah, I'd watch out for Debra and not Dexter.

Wedding Bell Blues

Dexter is able to track Hannah down by using the traffic cams and he finds her on a huge yacht with another man. He follows them to an exclusive membership-only club, so he calls Zach to use his father's connections to get him in so he can confront her and find out what's really going on with her. After they get in, he waits for the man to leave and makes his approach. She refuses to tell him why she drugged him and Deb, but mentions that she's married to a multimillionaire named Miles and her name is Maggie now and he better leave before he comes back. Dexter refuses to leave and Miles joins them at the bar. Apparently, he knows everything about Hannah's past life and that Dexter was her boyfriend who turned her in to the cops. Dexter didn't see that one coming. The newlyweds leave with Dexter still in the dark as to why she's in Miami. Zach thought Dexter was hunting him to kill him, but Dexter told him that he only kills those that deserve it.

How Do You Mend a Broken Heart?

Debra meets Dexter at his home and Dexter tells her about Hannah's new life with Miles and he's visibly upset. She can't believe that Dexter is jealous and still in love with her. He denies it of course, but she tells him that with 'one toss of her pretty blonde hair, you'll turn into a moron.'

Debra: She's everything that is wrong with our lives, a vortex. She's a black hole that sucks everything into her being leaving nothing behind.

Little Harrison overhears her mention the name Hannah and runs over to ask where she is. Debra looks stunned and says, "Even you?" Dexter swears that he'll handle it. He shoots Hannah a text telling her they need to talk.

They meet at her old flower shop where she admits that the reason she came back to Miami was to ask him to kill her new husband because he's unbearably possessive of her, controlling and follows her around, as if she's in prison. He told her he would rather turn her in than let her go. But she realized that after she saw Dexter unconscious (yeah yeah, I know) she knew his love was the only love for her. She never felt this way about anyone before or since and she didn't want to manipulate him into doing something that might be bad for him. (Murder usually is a bad thing for most people.) This time he bats his eyes at her and says that he feels the same way about her. He tries to kiss her, but she stops him saying that she has to go before Miles finds out where she was. Murder really is the cure-all for psychos and it's so cute, isn't it?


Debra goes to see Dr. Vogel about Hannah because she knows that Dexter is like putty in her hands and tells Vogel that she may have to do something. Vogel reminds her that when Dexter says he going to handle something then he usually does and that she shouldn't take matters into her own hands without considering all the consequences. Unconvinced, she leaves. Back at work, she gets testy with Jacob. He's finally had enough of her nastiness and reams her out for her behavior. She later apologizes to him and admits that he's practically saved her life this past year. She then asks to borrow his GPS tracking device which she takes down to Dexter's condo and plants underneath his SUV. However, Cassie sees her fiddling with his car and asks what's she's doing there? After finding out that Deb is Dexter's sister, she confides in her that even though she has a nice guy crazy about her, she's still very interested in her dismissive brother. Deb warns her that he's a mystery not worth solving. Ouch.

Will you walk with me, Grasshopper?

Earlier in the episode, Zach had gone to Dexter's place to try and talk to him about helping him, but Dexter freaked seeing him at his door and yelled at him to never do that again because he's being watched by Quinn over the Norma Rivera murder and they can never be seen together.

Zach then goes to the Miami police station with his lawyer and Captain Matthews in tow to see Angel and demands that they drop the 24/7 surveillance of him. He even brings a ton of pictures of Quinn staking him out. Matthews gets pissed and immediately orders it to be stopped, Angel agrees. Dexter waits outside behind a van for Zach and tells him that he played that well. Zach is all jacked up, ready to kill something when Dexter instead gives him another lesson.

"Long before my father taught me how to do what I do, he taught me how not to do it"

Zach looks at him cross-eyed and tells him he can't control the urges like Dex can. Dexter tells him he can and promises to teach him how to survive so he'll able to get away with it too. Just like Dexter.

Danger, Will Robinson:

Dr. Vogel calls Dexter over to discuss Zach's moods, but he tells her about his meeting with Hannah. She warns him that two psychopaths hooking up isn't a wise thing, but he says that she's not a psycho because she has feelings. (Feelings, nothing more than feelings) Vogel says she'll have to take his word for it, but then warns Dexter that Zach came to her in a very agitated state. What Dexter doesn't realize is that Harry began teaching Dexter at a very young age and so he was able to control his urges, but Zach never had that coaching and already killed without having a code to fall back on so he has no barriers to protect him from his blood lust. She warns him to take this seriously because now he's responsible. Dexter leaves and as he enters his condo, he calls Zach to tell him that he'll meet him tomorrow at his studio.

As he rings off, three huge thugs descend on him, obviously sent by Miles to beat the sh*t out of him. They leave him in a heap next to his SUV. After a while, he recovers enough to get up, but he realizes that Hannah may be in trouble too so he heads over to the yacht harbor. Debra picks up Dexter's GPS signal and begins to track him.

Zach comes back to Dexter's and starts banging on the front door for him to help him, but he doesn't answer. Cassie hears the ruckus, opens up her door and tells him Dexter's obviously not there. Zach is furious and as he walks by her, she asks him if he has a message. "Yeah, f*ck him!" and he storms away.

Troubled Waters

Hannah arrives back on the yacht from shopping and Miles is waiting for her. He confronts her about her whereabouts and catches her lying about being with Dexter at her flower shop. He then begins to assault her, like an out-of-control obsessed fan and throws her onto the bed, telling her that she'll never leave him and she'll never be getting off the boat.

Dexter arrives at the yacht with murder on his mind and finds Miles is lying on the floor already dead, stabbed by Hannah, who's covered in blood as she tried to defend herself from his attack. If there's one thing Dexter is really good at, it's cleaning up a bloody crime scene. So they get to work and clean it. Then they head out onto his boat and get rid of Miles' body in typical Dexter fashion. When they get back to land, Dexter gets a call from his unit about a crime scene by his house and has to leave. He asks her to contact him before she leaves.

Unknown to Dexter, Debra had followed them to his boat and watched the whole thing. We do love our GPS, don't we?

When Dexter gets to the crime scene by his house, he finds that his neighbor Cassie has been murdered, bludgeoned to death just like Norma Rivera. Dexter realizes that Zach killed her. He thinks about his father and with a voice-over says this:

How he was a good teacher to me because he was normal, human. But can anything come from two killers together? Whether the student and teacher, for whatever Hannah and I have, will it always end in the same way like this?

Fade to black.

Well, I wondered what Cassie's role was going to be when she first showed up. At first I thought Dexter would hook up with her at the end, but nah, she was too nice and normal---so she just had to die.

This episode really kicks off the events that will take us through the last half of season eight, but it did expose us to a lot of subtext that was there, but not so evident.

  • Dexter is obsessed with Hannah.
  • Hannah is obsessed with Dexter.
  • Debra is obsessed with Hannah.
  • Miles is obsessed with Hannah.
  • Little Harrison is obsessed with Hannah too.
  • Jacob is obsessed with Debra.
  • Cassie is obsessed with Dexter.
  • Zach is obsessed with Dexter.
  • Jamie is obsessed with Quinn.
  • Quinn is obsessed with Zach.
  • Angel is obsessed with Quinn for dating his sister.
  • Vince is obsessed with Niki.
  • Dr. Vogel is obsessed with all the psychopaths in Miami.

They could have probably named this episode 'Obsessions.

* Jamie asks Quinn to move in with her because she's still pissed off at Angel for not promoting him to sergeant. Quinn is pissed at Angel still so he decides to actually move in with her just to to piss him off too.

* Vince's daughter Niki apologizes to him for getting so mad last week after he had admitted to checking up on her when he found out about her. He then finds out that she works in a topless sports bar with his own two eyes. ("daughter boobs!") and he freaked so much that he helped set up a part-time job at the lab for her if she wants it.

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