Eric Bolling Yells At Bob Beckel For Bringing Up Gun Control


C&Lers know how I feel about Eric 'The Pompous' Bolling. He's the supposed FOX News business reporter who, if he took his own economic advice he peddles on TV, he'd be broke and living off the very food stamps he despises. The mere mention of gun control sent his lizard brain reeling.

Beckel: Frankly I’m getting a little bit saddened by people who say that those of us who believe in gun control, that now is not the time to talk about it. That’s generally a way for gun advocates to put off the subject until things cool down. Now is exactly the time to talk about it. There is now a question, should you have allowed a guy with an equivalent of an M-16, because that’s an assault weapon.

Diane Feinstein says Democrats are willing to do something on the first day of the new Congress. A ban on assault weapons. At a bare minimum we’ve got talk assault weapons and make them illegal in every possible way because those guns do not hunt animals, they hunt people.

Bolling: First of all, an assault weapon…le-le-le---let me do this. From the very early morning we had a meeting and I said I don’t want to do this, I don’t want to do this gun control discussion right now, there’s a day, place and a time for all that. We can do it. Ummm, let’s not be like Bloomberg, Piers Morgan, Bill Maher, Michael Moore and now Bob Beckel, and jump out while we’re burying our kids Jack Pinto…[garbled]..are being buried as we speak.

We’re talking about guns. This is ridiculous, we’re using politics, we’re using deaths of children to push our political agenda, we’re wrong, you’re wrong…You’re my good friend and you’re absolutely wrong.

Beckel: It’s, it’s…

Bolling: You’re my good friend and you’re absolutely wrong in this case.

Beckel: And you’re absolutely wrong…

Bolling: There is a time and a place and we will have that discussion. I refuse to participate TODAY.

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Beckel: When will that time and place be, when the NRA thinks it’s a good idea to do it?

Bolling: When our children are buried, Bob...

It appears that during their pre-show meeting, the two of them had words over this. Bolling went over the top (as he usually does against all things left), but he was even nastier than usual. The Pompous One tries hard to be FOX's next Glenn Beck, but he just comes off nasty and reptilian. A slithering snake of vitriolic barbarism aimed at spreading more hate throughout the conservative universe against liberals.

Did Eric show the same wait-and-see character that he tried to exude over the Sandy Hook Shooting during the Benghazi consulate incident? Hmm, let's see.

Media Matters:

Fox News' Geraldo Rivera condemned his colleague Eric Bolling for pushing what Rivera called "an absolute misrepresentation" aimed at scoring "a political point" over the tragic September 11 attack on a U.S. Consulate in Libya.

Discussing what reports say were separate attacks on the compound in Benghazi, separated by hours, Bolling criticized the Obama administration for ignoring calls to send help after the initial attack, saying: "So Washington, the State Department, the CIA, does nothing, sends no help. "Rivera immediately took Bolling to task, calling him a "politician" who was "misleading the American people."

Outside of a handful of David Frum Republicans, I doubt you'd find any conservative pundit alive who is even-handed and mindful of his or her own actions.

(h/t Heather for the video)


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