Herman Cain Refuses To Reveal Plans For Afghanistan Until Elected And Other FNS Follies

I do love my pizza, but there are some things that a good slice can't help. How desperate is FOX News over the lack of GOP candidates that they devote an entire segment to a fringe candidate like Cain? Yes, he won a Frank Luntz focus group on Hannity after their GOP Debate Game Show on FOX, but does that warrant a full segment? "The Pizza Godfather" was embarrassing on FNS on a host of issues, but maybe he believes his pizza will help enlighten him. He won't disclose his Afghanistan policy until he's elected President because he doesn't have any Intel. Or something along those lines because he'll implement his plan only when he's sworn in and won't tell you what it is either.

Wallace: We have been at war in Afghanistan for almost ten years and yet you say, and you say it quite proudly that you have no plan for what to do in Afghanistan, you'd have to wait until you got into office, until you met with the experts, the military officials and then you'd decide it. Don't you owe it to the people who are thinking of voting for you to give them some idea about what you would do about a major US military involvement in Afghanistan?

Cain: I do and here's what I owe them the right approach to make the right decisions such as we're not there for another ten years.

Wallace: So what is the right approach?

The right approach is the day I'm elected President I will start on that plan the day I'm sworn in, I'll emplement that plan

Wallace: But that doesn't tell anybody what you, do you support counter insurgency or counter terrorism?

Most of the interview went on like that. Cain proposes a flat tax of 23%, but Wallace told him that the Bushies looked at a flat tax plan in 2005 and said it would take something like 34% to ease budgetary concerns and Bush rejected it, but Cain responded by disputing their numbers. Wallace asked him why he's only got thirteen dollars in the bank for his campaign after fundraising 13K last quarter and he disputed those numbers as well, but wouldn't reveal what he has. As David noted earlier: Cain also seemed stumped when Wallace asked him about principle that Palestinians and their decedents have a right to return to land vacated as a result of the 1948 Palestine War and 1967 Six-Day war.

"Where do you stand on the right of return?" Wallace asked.

"The right of return? The right of return?" Cain stammered.

"The Palestinian right of return," Wallace clarified.

The beltway media must be sad today since their new favorite, Mitch Daniels decided not to run. Will Herman Cain take his place in their hearts? Somehow I doubt it.


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