Mark Steyn Attacks Poor: If You Make $10K You Should Pay Federal Taxes


[H/t Heather]

Mark Steyn is one if the bigger non-American wankers Fox News employs. He may not get to vote, and he may not have to pay any American taxes, but he sure knows what poor Americans should have to do if they earn a meager ten grand a year:

STEYN: I think if you're gonna have an income tax, and if you earn more than, let's say ten thousand dollars a year, you ought to make a contribution to the federal treasury. 'Cause if you don't, then there's something wrong with the system. It's more redistributionist than Scandinavia!

For Steyn, I guess making ten grand is living high on the hog. But now that you mention it: Aren't conservatives against anyone paying any kind of tax? If so, then why doesn't he say they should not have to pay a penny?

And then there's Steyn's fright (and Neil Cavuto's too) at the very thought of living in a socialist nightmare like they have in Scandinavia. Oh, the horror. The horror.

This is as critical a election as we'll see in our lifetimes, and these heels only remind us why: When they natter on about their phony 47 percent who "don't pay taxes," they make clear that there's no room for the elderly and the poor and the needy and, most of all, the compassionate on their political boat.

For what it's worth, the minimum annual income level for paying federal taxes is about $16,000. Steyn wants to lower that to $10,000 -- and at the same time, hang on to those massive tax cuts for millionaires. Funny how that works.

Steyn: We have healthy people in their early fifties going on permanent social security disability because they’ve given up hope of finding employment. Is that America?

I'll let you guys dissect that bit of hackery.

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