Peter King Praises Gitmo As Better Than Any US Prison And Justifies Torture To Parliament

Rep. Peter King was asked by the UK Parliament what kind of facility Guantanamo Bay is. This was after describing it as a vacation destination for prisoners. He was asked to justify how America could torture them and then call enhanced interrogation. It was just a little bit uncomfortable. He shrugged it off and said it wasn't really that bad because our military trains with it and hey, if torture saved lives it was all worth it. Usually that's the type of justification that you might hear someone from the Pinochet regime invoke.

You can see why he was so eager to go to the UK and impart his wisdom on how we combat Muslim radicalization.

King: I've Been to Guantanamo, it's it's modern facility. There's one medical person for every two prisoners. (Gitmo has an excellent health plan)

King: They are taught language, arts...

(Forget about getting student loans for college, Gitmo has an education system that Michele Rhee would be proud of.)

King: They are out playing soccer or football as you call it. (The MLS might find some untapped talent there)

Have you visited? On how many occasions?

King: Once.

(That many?)

Q: As you're concerned the treatment is appropriate?

King: Better than almost any American prison. Certainly better than any Army or Marine Corp training facility.

MP Winnick: Water-boarding one hundred and sixty times of one prisoner. One hundred and sixty times. If that's not torture Congressman King, what on earth is it?

(After the first 150 times, what's a few more?)

King: To me it's enhanced interrogation. I've Khalid Sheik Mohammad in person since then and he's not all the worse for wear over it and he did provide information. Again, if you're' talking about moral equivalency here, you're talking about a type of interrogation which was extremely uncomfortable, painful, I wouldn't want to go through it. No permanent damage, at the same time if that led to the savings of 5, 6, 700 hundred people that didn't have to jump through buildings or were burning to death, it's a price I'll pay.

Enhanced interrogation isn't torture to the Liz Cheney torture apologists because I guess they weren't given the Children of Mengele treatment or weren't just killed. No, it's a price the prisoner paid and there is no evidence that they got any useful intelligence from the dissolving of our moral fiber, Congressman.

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