Will Dick Durbin be given a prime role in AMC's The Walking Dead? Why does the Gang of Six have five conservatives in it and only one progressive? Howie points out that David Frum sounds much more reasonable than these Gang of Six
April 19, 2011

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Will Dick Durbin be given a prime role in AMC's The Walking Dead? Why does the Gang of Six have five conservatives in it and only one progressive? Howie points out that David Frum sounds much more reasonable than these Gang of Six idiots.

Speaking only personally, I cannot take seriously the idea that the worst thing that has happened in the past three years is that government got bigger. Or that money was borrowed. Or that the number of people on food stamps and unemployment insurance and Medicaid increased. The worst thing was that tens of millions of Americans – and not only Americans – were plunged into unemployment, foreclosure, poverty. If food stamps and unemployment insurance, and Medicaid mitigated those disasters, then two cheers for food stamps, unemployment insurance, and Medicaid.

What I want to know is: Who ate Dick Durbin's brain? In 2005, Durbin sounded very different when talking to Tim Russert on MTP about Social Security and Bush's plan to privatize it:

MR. RUSSERT: Do you believe that we currently have a crisis with Social Security? SEN. DURBIN: I wouldn't use the word crisis. Untouched, Social Security will make every single payment for the next 37 years to every retiree, maybe 47 years. But beyond that, unless the economy grows well and grows us out of the problem, we need to address it. And there are ways to address it in sensible, commonsense approaches today that will play out in 40 or 50 years.


MR. RUSSERT: So as long as the president insists private and personal accounts are on the table, will you not sit at the table? SEN. DURBIN: I don't believe that we can. I believe that if we are to start with the premise that we are going to weaken Social Security, cut benefits and leave the next generation a $2 to $5 trillion deficit, how can that possibly be good for America?

Social Security is not the cause of the federal deficit and does not need to be touched except maybe raising the payroll tax cap to add more revenue. Not only has Durbin signed on to social security cut benefits, he didn't back up Bernie Sanders.

ABC News:

Senator Dick Durbin, D-Ill., says the bi-partisan group of senators working to find a way to reduce the deficit -- the so-called "Gang of Six" -- is near agreement on a plan that will chart a middle ground between the House Republican budget and the plan outlined last week by President Obama. And while other top Democrats say Social Security should be untouched, Durbin says Social Security changes should be made now.
He expects the Gang of Six -- which, in addition to Durbin, includes senators Tom Coburn, R-Okla.; Mike Crapo, R-Idaho; Saxby Chambliss, R-Ga.; Mark Warner, D-Va.; and Kent Conrad, D-N.D. -- to agree on a plan shortly after Congress returns from its Easter recess..

Durbin criticized a resolution put forward by Sen. Bernie Sanders, a liberal independent from Vermont, that says Social Security should not be cut under a deficit reduction plan. Durbin said he would not vote for such a resolution.

"I think Bernie is going too far with his language," Durbin said.

"In 2037, as we know it, Social Security falls off a cliff," he said. "There's a 22 percent reduction rate in payments, which is really not something we can tolerate. If we deal with it today, it's an easier solution than waiting. I think we ought to deal with it. Many of my colleagues disagree, put it off to another day. But from my point of view, leaving it out makes it easier politically, including it, I think, meets an obligation, which we have to senior citizens."

Bernie Sanders is standing up for the working class and trying to protect them as seniors and you throw him under the bus? Why exactly is Bernie going too far? You sit there in a dark subway car and praise the lunatic known as Paul Ryan, who wants to destroy Medicare, but attack Sanders. I think you're going too far with your bipartisan fetishism, sir. It's obvious Republicans want to attach Social Security cuts to any deal you come up with, but that doesn't mean Durbin has to feed us garbage to be part of it.

Many of my friends on the left -- they are my friends, these are my roots politically -- are going through the stages of grief: denial, anger, frustration, sadness, resignation," Durbin said. "They are going through those stages because they understand that borrowing 40 cents for every dollar you spend, whether it's for missile or food stamps, is just unsustainable. But you've got to do something."

I'm sorry, but If we have to do something then why does it always get dropped at the feet of the working class? Do something then. Raise taxes on the rich and cut military spending like the MEADS missle system. You are betraying your progressive roots, Dick. I understand about compromises and the sausage making process, but there is no justification for this outrageous call to cut social security and that the American worker must be forced to pay far more than their fair share while the rich elites laugh all the way to the bank. You sir, are the one in denial.

Don't forget to contact Senator Dick Durbin and tell him to stop the madness because he is embarrassing himself:

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