On a conference call with House Republicans, Speaker John Boehner gave them some much-needed medicine as he tells them to fall in line. On a conference call with House Republicans a day after the party’s electoral battering last week,
November 13, 2012

On a conference call with House Republicans, Speaker John Boehner gave them some much-needed medicine as he tells them to fall in line.

On a conference call with House Republicans a day after the party’s electoral battering last week, Speaker John A. Boehner dished out some bitter medicine, and for the first time in the 112th Congress, most members took their dose.

It was a striking contrast to a similar call last year, when Mr. Boehner tried to persuade members to compromise with Democrats on a deal to extend a temporary cut in payroll taxes, only to have them loudly revolt.
“To have a voice at the bargaining table, John Boehner has to be strong,” said Representative Tom Cole of Oklahoma, one of the speaker’s lieutenants. “Most members were just taught a lesson that you’re not going to get everything that you want. It was that kind of election.”

Tea Partiers like Jennifer Stefano (who works for Koch's Americans For Prosperity group) were terribly upset by Boehner's words. Now when you're watching this clip, just imagine you lived in a far-off land where we didn't have a two-year election.

Cavuto: Tea Partiers made Boehner Speaker, and he better watch how and to who he is speaking. Jenn, you didn't like that?

Stefano: Well look, here's what I'd like everyone to say. Why don't we all talk about instead of who's getting in line and who's cooperating with who? What is the best thing for our country? Wouldn't it be nice if we had a leader in Washington who said hey, it's not about just working together for show, it's about what is best for our country. And Neil, there are some very hard decisions to be made and I don't think we should compromise on things that are not good for all of us as Americans.

Not only is she delegitimizing Obama's reelection, but she's saying NO to f*&king reality. Do these people come from the conservative section of Storybrooke?
Here's more lunacy as this short interview continues:

Cavuto: But the president's going to claim that elections have consequences and it was close, but I won and I won despite this call for higher taxes and maybe because of it and the rich just have to deal -- you say what?

Stefano: I say number one, just because you win an election doesn't mean you get to go of the rails and do what is NOT good for America because you have some weird ideological agenda. Number two, let's talk seriously about what tax cuts are and what they're going to do. You can take all of the wealth --100% of the wealth in this country, Neil, and from everyone making over $250,000 and you are not going to solve the problems we have in this country.

Hey Stefano, regarding your first point: Over 62,000,000 people voted for this "weird agenda", in your words, so in reality it's not weird at all. As for her second point: As I said before, we've just completed a long, serious and arduous process of picking the type of person we wanted to be in charge of the executive branch, and we've decided what we want to do.

Maybe not in Tea Party Nation, a world many light years away. But here in America. That's how democracy works.

But Stefano's not a fan of that system. She then refuses to say she's open to compromise and instead calls the problems with entitlements 'immoral.' She doesn't want to compromise, period. End of story. The message from many Tea Party groups is clear: Don't compromise, don't negotiate and become more conservative.

Cavuto: Jennifer says no, she's not going to budge on anything.

Stefano: I, I, I... it's not that I'm not going to budge. I want a serious conversation with this president outside, I won't compromise my child's future. And I won't throw the poor and the weak under the bus by hurting charities. Are you afraid I'm going to leap through and grab you?

Here's how the conversation would go. Obama: Jenn, let's have a serious conversation about fixing our problem. Why won't you compromise? Jenn: Because I hate you and your radical agenda. Obama: I understand that, but I won the election so America has chosen. Jenn: No they haven't because we never had a serious conversation about this. Obama: Yes we did. Jenn: No we didn't and you can't make me...etc...


Argh. Never mind. Transcribing this has turned my frontal lobe mushy. The stupid, it burns.

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