Tom Tancredo Just Asks Whether Military Can "Segregate In Their Own Ranks" After Repeal Of DADT

Mr. Tom 'Miami is a Third World Country' Tancredo went on radio and just brought up what he feels is a relevant question about the repealing of DADT: That is, can the military segregate the troops based on sexual preferences? What a guy. People like him openly foment hostility, the kind that usually leads to violence.

Political Correction:

Unsurprisingly, Tancredo, who has made his anti-immigrant views well known, isn't in favor of the DREAM Act (which, he claimed, will give special affirmative action treatment to tons of people sneaking in from Latin America and Africa). He was also skeptical about the "political" repeal of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell," but fortunately for the large majorities of Americans and military personnel who wanted DADT to go away, Tancredo isn't in charge; President Obama signed repeal into law this morning.

Yet, knowing what was coming, Tancredo clung to hope that our combat troops might be saved from actually having to serve in close quarters with those scary gays. "I wonder," he mused, "to what extent this ruling allows the military to segregate within their own ranks."

TANCREDO: I have a feeling there may be other problems that develop. Certainly those kinds of things have been expressed by the head of the — by the common head of the Marine Corps. And I would — among other things I wonder to what extent this ruling allows the military to segregate within their own ranks. That is to say, it's okay, just as we said that it was ok to have females in the military but we would segregate them into non-combative roles, then would this be — I wonder if we could do the same thing in this situation, saying that just the environment in combat does not lend itself to having these other pressures on the people that we ask to do the fighting. I don't know. I'm just asking a question. I do not know if that was part of the bill that was passed today by the Senate, whether it really went into that kind of detail. I doubt it. Usually these things go over to the military and you know the military is just simply told, "implement."

Tancredo is already well-established as a vicious nativist who always takes the low road, so what do you expect from him? No wonder he's a Tea Party favorite.

In this clip Alan Colmes tells Tancredo that Jeb Bush called him a "nut" because he called Miami a 'third world country'. Tom's response was to of course equate being called a nut was like being called the "N" word if you're African American.

Tancredo: Did he use the "N" word? We got into an argument into what it means to be a third world country.

Here's a few of his other greatest hits.

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And let's not forget his "bombing Mecca," statements either.

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