Reid: Social Security "Off The Table"

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[H/t Heather]

Have you ever wondered if that petition you signed actually gets delivered? Or if it makes a difference?

Well, last week Progressive Change Campaign Committee members delivered over 50,000 notes directly to Senator Harry Reid -- thanking him for boldly opposing cuts to Social Security. And Senator Reid made some news at the meeting.


At an event with progressive activists last week, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid took major Social Security cuts and privatization completely off the legislative table.

"As long as I'm the Majority Leader, I'm going to do everything within my legislative powers to prevent privatizing or eliminating Social Security," Reid said. "I'll simply say it's off the table."

You can watch video of the event below, courtesy of the Progressive Change Campaign Committee. The key quote comes at the end of the clip.

Reid's been a pretty staunch defender of Social Security, but this statement goes a bit further than previous ones. Most recently, on Meet the Press, he said he wouldn't be a part of any effort to undermine the program. But now, he's taken privatization and raising the retirement age off the table.

Not only does this go further than what Reid has previously said on Social Security, but it goes much further than a number of Democrats in the Senate who are actively supporting cuts.

Reid is holding the line on Social Security. Given the Republican held House and the president's shall we say whishy-washyness on the subject, Reid's strong stance could be crucial to protecting Social Security.

There is a lot of work to be done though and we could use your help. Watch the video above and then join our effective campaign to protect Social Security.

(full disclosure: I'm the Senior Online Campaigns Director at the Progressive Change Campaign Committee)


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