BillO Lets His Paranoia Shine Through; Rails Against Liberal Blogger Cabal

Well, that didn't take long. BillO and his merry band of conservative echoes are letting all their paranoia hang out for the world to see, and tonight he took Alan Colmes along for the ride. About halfway through it gets pretty funny, as Bill declares war on the "liberal cabal" who read the same websites and then infiltrate the LA Times and other mainstream publications.

You know, that sounds a lot like the Fox effect to me, doesn't it?

It's pretty laughable to hear BillO declare that only liberals do this, there are no silos on the other side, no echo chamber, nothing like that to see here, nope, never, no way.

O'REILLY: (to Colmes) Even you know what this is all about. It's a cabal. They use the same words, they read the same websites, but when it gets into places like the Los Angeles Times, the San Francisco Chronicle, the same thing. When it gets into Variety, which is where John Leguizamo picked it up, then it comes back and I'm David Duke.

No, no, no. Address this. Does that concern you?

I don't know about Alan Colmes, but it concerns the hell out of me, especially when Fox News is actually structured as a cabal to support the Karl Roves and Mitt Romneys of the world.

But wait, there's more. Please try not to laugh when BillO claims it's only liberals, never conservatives that do this. Because cabal, people. CABAL.

O'REILLY: Colmes just said what I presented happens on the right, too. Does it?

CROWLEY: It does not happen the way you describe it. I wrote a whole book about this called What Just Happened? What you are describing are the far left kooks and there's a real distinction to be made between your father's Democratic party -- the party of Harry Truman dropping the A bomb on Japan to stop World War II, the party of JFK which lowered tax rates to get job creation and economic growth.

The far left nuts who are now running the country not only at the highest levels of government but in the media, the unions, George Soros and now they are extremists to the nth degree.

ZOMG, Soros, unions and the scary black guy. All in one breath. Monica, Monica, you just keep gilding that turd of a bubble you're in, K?

Also, projection much?

In this campaign cycle, something unique happened. Usually candidates define the message and then push it out to media and bloggers. But Mitt Romney did things exactly backwards, adopting memes, "exact words", and other talking points from right wing blogs. Here are a few examples:

From The Nation on September 12th, a long list of right wing bloggers who set the tone for Romney's epic gaffe with regard to the attack in Benghazi. Among the thought leaders, Michelle Malkin, Glenn Reynolds (Instapundit), and Jonathan Tobin, to name a few.

Media Matters notes that Romney's talking points about the auto bailout, particularly in the early days of his campaign when he was against it (before he was for it), were straight out of the right wing blogs, Hannity, and Glenn Beck.

The odious Jeep claim was straight out of the right wing blogs, too.

There was Romney's proclamation that he wouldn't take God off our coins. That claim was a right wing email forwarded all over the Internet, and likely originated from a right wing think tank funded by the Kochs.

If we want to talk extremes, let's talk about the consequences of the ZOMG-speak of the likes of Monica Crowley and Bill O'Reilly.

In Arizona, an angry woman runs her husband down because she's sure the country is going to hell in a handbasket and he didn't vote.

In Florida, a man committed suicide on election night, leaving a note that "if Barack Obama gets re-elected, I'm not going to be around."

Twitter was flooded with racist pictures and tweets, while young MIssissippi white supremacists rioted.

Gun sales soared after election day; some southern states want to secede.

But the left wing is the cabal. Huh.

BillO, even paranoid people have real enemies, but there are medications you can take for the delusions.

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