I'm not sure what "LessGovernment" has to do with Al Jazeera, but Judge Napolitano and Glenn Beck's bookers took the opportunity to let their spokesmouth, Seton Motley (yes, that IS his name), come on and "analyze" them after Hillary Clinton's
March 8, 2011

I'm not sure what "LessGovernment" has to do with Al Jazeera, but Judge Napolitano and Glenn Beck's bookers took the opportunity to let their spokesmouth, Seton Motley (yes, that IS his name), come on and "analyze" them after Hillary Clinton's remarks and praise of their broadcasts.

Mr. Motley starts out with some incoherence about campaigning in prose and broadcasting in Arabic before launching into an indictment of Hillary Clinton as a "leftist" who likes "leftist reporting". Oh, and then there's that thing about how Al Jazeera is no different than any US mainstream outlet because they all bash the Tea Party.

NAPOLITANO: ...can get real news around the clock. Is Secretary Clinton right? Is Al Jazeera one of the few sources left for real news and should we welcome it here in America? Here now to discuss is Seton Motley, president of Less Government. Well that's a great name for your organization - Less Government. Seton, welcome back to the Glenn Beck program. What is she talking about? Is Al Jazeera to be trusted? In English? Or in another language?

MOTLEY: Well, there's an old campaign saw. You campaign in poetry, you govern in prose, and Al Jazeera campaigns in English and governs in Arabic. And if you're watching Al Jazeera Arabic you get a whole different perspective on what's going on over there than what you do over here. Part of the reason it hasn't taken off greater here in America - the English version - is because it's just like ABC, NBC, CBS. I watched segments today where they're just bashing the Tea Party just like NBC does, ABC does, so there's no difference.

Alrighty then. It certainly couldn't have anything to do with the refusal of all cable providers to actually CARRY Al Jazeera, right? No, it's just because they're no different than the others. I'm truly not sure that this guy has ever really watched Al Jazeera for any length of time, but get a load of his next "analysis".

NAPOLITANO: All right, but do they have a message that they convey about behavior that goes over there that either we don't get from our own home-grown media -- Fox or CNN or whoever might be there -- and are they trustworthy? Or is this a propaganda arm of some government?

MOTLEY: I get this -- there's station Qatar and there's station Kuwait and they're based out of those two countries. And I -- I think it's a propaganda arm. I mean if you watch -- uh, there's a great website, MEMRI.org, Middle East Media and Research Institute -- If you watch Al Jazeera's Arabic language clips, it's presenting all kinds of crazy. You've got people saying jihadist things all the time, they reported on a British citizen who joined the Taliban and said "death to Americans". If they presented that here, I think they would get ratings, I think they would get viewership, I think there would be a clamor for what they're doing. But they're not presenting that over here. They're presenting it over there and not giving it to us here.

So that I understand him, I read it twice after I transcribed it myself. I think he is saying that IF they presented video that painted Arabs as crazy people who are out to kill Americans they'd get ratings. But because they don't do that on AJE, they're not viable? Is that really what he's saying? Well, it takes a propagandist to know one, after all, but I think he should actually WATCH what they do on both. I've watched AJE and AJArabic, and when it's live, it's often the very same video. One in English, the other in Arabic. While I don't speak Arabic, I'm not really inclined to believe the Arabic version is a propaganda version that Americans would love, are you?

And finally, all Fox/Beck viewers are admonished to beware that raving leftist, Hillary Clinton.

NAPOLITANO: All right, last question since we have 30 seconds. Why is Hillary Clinton saying this? Why is she, of all people, telling Americans to watch it?

MOTLEY: Because I think they have a similar agenda to what leftists like Hillary Clinton want to see advanced here. So this is another network that does what MSNBC, CNN and ABC does.


I'm glad Napolitano got it, because I'm still scratching my head. There's propaganda all right, but it's not being aired on Al Jazeera.

I'm starting to think maybe I should've stayed with the whales and fish another week.

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