Georgia Business Announces Refusal To Hire "Until Obama Is Gone"

Via ThinkProgress:

Bill Looman, who owns U.S. Cranes, LLC in Waco, Georgia, explained that while “I’ve got people that I want to hire now,” he didn’t think he would be able to foot the expense “unless some things change in D.C.”

Not content to simply implement the new policy internally, Looman decided to plaster it on all his company’s trucks. He did so, as 11Alive noted, “for all to see as the trucks roll up and down roads, highways and interstates.”

Just in case you thought this guy was in any way rational, guess again:

The notion that President Obama’s economic policies preclude small businesses from hiring new workers isn’t the only ludicrous claim Looman pushes. A cursory glance at Looman’s public Facebook page shows he is prone to anti-Obama conspiracy theories. Earlier this month, he posted a false report that Larry Sinclair – the man who claimed he did drugs and had sex with President Obama – had died and implied foul play,writing “MAKES YOU WONDER HUH?” Looman’s page is also riddled with pro-confederate and anti-Muslim postings.

I'm going to step out on a limb here and say that I wouldn't especially want to work for this guy, either. If he's dumb enough to believe the nonsense spewed by Pam Geller and her ilk, he's probably not really someone who runs his business with any sense at all. Come to think of it, not hiring workers when he needs them is more or less evidence of that.

Daily Kos has a little more background on this guy. He appears to be a birther and member of the North Georgia Militia:

Baltimore Liberal Examiner reporter Bill Schmalfeldt broke the story about Looman’s connections in a series of in-depth pieces published Nov 21-23. Schmalfeldt’s work was based on website content including anti-government manifestos allegedly written by Looman himself, at,, a website that represents the Beaver Run Land Owners Association, which is headed by Looman and appears to be engaged in an ongoing dispute with him, and Facebook accounts for Looman and the North Georgia Militia. The North Georgia Militia Facebook group had 65 members. Most of the online material that Looman had posted was taken down during the week and the Facebook accounts were closed. Screen captures of the materials have been posted elsewhere.


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