Jon Huntsman Tells Mitt Romney He's Clueless -- In Mandarin

Of all the Republican candidates, I think Jon Huntsman is at least sane. Sane, and somewhat reasonable in his policy ideas. I don't agree with him, but I do respect him coming from a perspective that's not sheer insanity.

In Saturday night's debate, he tangles a bit with Mitt Romney. Mitt was particularly condescending at this debate. It's a miracle he even deigned to acknowledge Huntsman's existence, much less actually engage with him. Romney speaks what everyone knows: Jon Huntsman is toast in the Republican party of 2012, because he was President Obama's Ambassador to China before he was a candidate for President. But not content to stop there, Romney then goes off on a complete rant about China and how he's going to be authoritative and make them do what President Romney wants them to do.

To which Jon Huntsman says, Mitt Romney, you don't know what you're talking about. That's not really much of a retort, unless of course, it's done in Mandarin. I know Jon Huntsman is going to be done after Tuesday, but I really enjoyed him giving Romney a taste of what someone who actually understands a country thinks when Mittens spouts off with more of his silly neocon authoritarian stuff.

The most pathetic part of this exchange is how clueless Romney really is. He thinks, like most neocon Republicans, that we can just swagger around and tell China what to do. He hasn't really picked up on the fact that those days ended when his party sold us to China to pay for wars and tax cuts.


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