Mitt's Spin Doesn't Hold Up

The Romney campaign is really flailing now. As they try desperately to spin Romney's candid remarks at a Boca Raton fundraiser, they're trying to wish away Willard's stark judgments on people who don't fit his likely voter profile. From Wednesday's op-ed:

Government has a role to play here. Right now, our nation's citizens do need help from government. But it is a very different kind of help than what President Obama wants to provide.

My experience has taught me that government works best when it creates the space for individuals and families to pursue success and achieve great things. Economic freedom is the only force that has consistently succeeded in creating sustained prosperity and lifting people out of poverty. It is why our economy rose to rival those of the world's leading powers -- and has long since surpassed them all.

The dreamers and the entrepreneurs, not government, built this economy, and they can once again make it strong.

My course for the American economy will encourage private investment and personal freedom. Instead of creating a web of dependency, I will pursue policies that grow our economy and lift Americans out of poverty.

Oh, how nice. The problem is, some of those entrepreneurs and dreamers are part of the group that pays no income taxes, though they do pay payroll taxes. Part of the group he sneered at. More to the point, this does not change his personal judgment of people (call them Democrats, veterans, seniors, and students) who are in that 47 percent bloc:

All right, there are 47 percent who are with him, who are dependent upon government, who believe that they are victims, who believe the government has a responsibility to care for them, who believe that they are entitled to health care, to food, to housing, to you-name-it.

Romney went far beyond policy differences into personal attacks on people who simply do not deserve such a blanket condemnation, and that is what will stick. They can be lofty about how opportunities will overcome disabilities, lack of health care, food and housing, but the bottom line is that Mitt Romney does not believe he deserves it.

These videos were Mitt's George Romney moment. As I wrote when he was being hit hard on his Bain involvement, he won't let it go. I fully expect him to start throwing whatever he can out there, no matter how negative, how false, or how wrong it is. He can't. As I wrote back then:

Romney internalized the wrong lesson from his father's failure and as a result, he absolutely cannot tell the truth no matter what because he fears the truth will cause him to fail, and failure is not an acceptable outcome. This is why, by the way, he has no problem using the politics of destruction on his rivals. It's always better to destroy them than to be accountable for one's own decisions. This is a character flaw and it's a big one.

With the assistance of Fox News, Romney will use the next few weeks and his wealthy donors to throw low blows, while suppressing the vote. It should be a wild ride.


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