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Rep. Mike Rogers (R-MI08): Execute Manning For WikiLeaks Dump

[media id=17720] Rep. Mike Rogers was given a free ticket to another term in the House of Representatives, where he can continue with stupid like


Rep. Mike Rogers was given a free ticket to another term in the House of Representatives, where he can continue with stupid like this, because of some very shifty sleight-of-hand tactics in Michigan's 8th district. (Details here)

MIKE ROGERS: When you think about any of the operations of a soldier in the field that's released could lead to their death, that is an act of treason. And an act of treason is a capital offense and it should be,

You have to stop this culture of disclosure. It's dangerous. It gets people killed.

CENK UYGUR: So would you have supported execution of Daniel Ellsberg for leaking the Pentagon Papers?

ROGERS: Well, I don't know all the circumstances around it. If it was information that certainly put soldiers at risk in the field and he was convicted of treason, absolutely.

I have my own opinions about WikiLeaks' responsibility with regard to releasing names. But I don't have an argument with them releasing documents, nor do I believe it is an act of treason, nor do I believe anyone should be executed as a result, including Afghans working with the US government.

But this man, Mike Rogers, was just granted another term without any effort. Lance Enderle did not receive enough votes to get onto the November ballot as the Democratic candidate, leaving the ghost rider, Kande Ngalamulume as the non-resident Democrat running for office in that Congressional District.

I don't usually make it a point to slam Democrats, but this begs for it. There is no excuse for the DCCC to have ignored this race and allowed such nonsense to prevail. For all the money they spent sending me little birthday cards to sign for the President along with my $50 donation, they could have actually spent the time to vet this candidate and look for a contender.

Instead, they just ignored it completely. They ignored the fact that a lunatic who thinks executing people for leaking documents is a good thing will now be the de facto winner in November. How hard would it have been in that state to find one candidate -- ONE -- who could have actually gotten something done?

The DCCC misses the point of its sheer existence when it allows nonsense like this and likewise, the DSCC in case of the monumental hairball in South Carolina with Alvin Greene.

For starters, it appears arrogant and entitled. It appears as though Democrats don't really care all that much about districts where they can't get high profile bang for their buck.

But mostly, it's undemocratic. That's all. It's undemocratic to allow stupid to take the place of democracy.

Lance Enderle received 9% of the vote as a write-in candidate. That's not so bad, given that write-ins almost never get even 1%. We made a difference, but not enough of one, given the time and money constraints. And so, Mike Rogers will now represent a district that has just about an even split of conservatives and liberals in it.

Undemocracy at work. Good job, DCCC.

(Brainwrap on Daily Kos has more to say about the MI-08 debacle, too)

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