Republicans Think Workers Are Pigs

Failed GOP Senatorial candidate and self-proclaimed strategist (with a book out about how to win campaigns, even) Jay Townsend spilled the beans about what Republicans think of Wisconsin workers, farmers, and citizens exercising their first amendment rights.

Yesterday afternoon on Fox News, Townsend and Kirsten Powers were asked to comment on the huge protests taking place in Madison, Wisconsin, and whether or not Governor Scott Walker had "won". I love his out-of-the-gate reaction, because he reveals in hard, straight language exactly what Republicans think of working people.

TOWNSEND: I take away this. Number one, elections have consequences. Number two, unions will never have any trouble renting a riot, and number three, when you gore that pig and wound it, it can make a lot of noise, and that's the message I would take out of this.

But look, the bottom line here is employees in Wisconsin still have the right to collectively bargain. It doesn't take away their right to belong to a union. That's what's been lost in all this propaganda.

There you have it. Workers are pigs who, when gored and wounded, make a lot of noise. There's only one thing I agree with in this spew, and that is that elections have consequences. Well yes, they do have consequences, despite the fact that Republicans only believe that when they win those elections. But yes, there are consequences and they ripple from the past into the future. On that basis, Mr. Townsend may want to find another line of work because I think Wisconsinites might have fallen out of love with the Tea Party and its totalitarian rule.

There's more of his nonsense on the video, but really, do we need to know more than what he said at the outset? Republicans think workers are pigs, and unions can rent riots. As if Americans for Prosperity and their ilk doesn't do their fair share of that. They are what they loathe.


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