What This Election Is Really About

In Ohio, students who register to vote as Democrats are seeing their voter registrations routinely challenged by right wing groups for bogus reasons. This is intentional. When a voter registration is challenged, the county registrar sends out a card to that voter telling them that they must respond by a certain date in order to preserve the integrity of their voter registration. That card gets buried in the pile of election materials, bills and other mail sent to that student's household, and quite often they don't respond, particularly when the reason is ridiculously stupid. If they don't respond, they can be purged from voter rolls without further notice.

Organizations like TrueTheVote.org have actually created tools for at-home "researchers" to use so they can comb through the voter rolls and target voters' registrations for challenge ahead of the election. It shouldn't surprise anyone to discover that the challenges are mostly to people with Hispanic surnames and young, first-time voters who have registered with the Democratic Party.

The right wing isn't subtle about this. JudicialWatch.org claims millions of voter records are flawed, and it's up to them, and them alone, to fix that problem.

In Florida, Rick Scott's purge of voter records in advance of the November election has caused hundreds of citizens to be told they're ineligible to vote when they clearly are eligible. In Miami-Dade County, over 1600 people received notice they were ineligible unless they proved their eligibility. Of those, nearly 400 have proven their citizenship and eligibility. Another 1,200 have not responded to the letter.

The Florida lists were developed by comparing voter registrations to DMV records. That yielded a list of 182,000 -- yes, 182,000 -- names and was rife with errors. Still, the Governor's office notified election officials of 2,600 people they were certain were not US citizens, only some of them actually were. Kurt Browning, Florida Secretary of State, resigned last year after declaring that he had no confidence in the integrity of the lists Scott was relying upon to purge voters from the rolls.

This election in November isn't about what Mitt Romney will do to the economy or whether Barack Obama understands the economy or whether John McCain thinks Romney's Bain record is perfectly fine.

It is not going to be about Social Security or Medicare or tax cuts or billionaire birthers like Donald Trump. It's not going to matter whether a so-called "bipartisan panel" sits around a round table on Sunday morning and pearl-clutches over this week's gaffes and surges.

None of that matters. Not one whit. The only thing that is going to matter is whether or not Republican astroturf organizations like TruetheVote, Republican governors like John Kasich, Rick Scott and Scott Walker, and Republican True Believers will team up to suppress the vote in enough states to guarantee a stolen election.

And from our mainstream media, our Sunday talkers, and our newspapers, we hear....crickets. They spew forth reams of speculation and handicapping about the election, but no one wants to talk about the real deal, which is that this election will be decided by states that have actively suppressed the vote.

Maybe it's time we woke up the sleeping corporate media and started forcing their eyes on this BEFORE we're facing recounts in November.


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