Where Glenn Beck Is Schooled In The Art Of Context

Glenn Beck has an annoying, intellectually dishonest habit of distorting his narrative with out-of-context non sequiturs with regularity. Media Matters has a whole collection. StopBeck's illustration of how he does it and the damage it does is brilliant.

Out of context, Beck appears to be promoting segregation:

But in fact, he is quoting Woodrow Wilson:

Yes, context matters. This is why Beck's bizarre rant about progressives using a mythical shock collar and treat to manipulate people is particularly egregious, but unsurprising. Beck's role in the larger scheme of things is to keep the body politic afraid and trembly, so that they will be open to the avuncular (read that authoritarian) conservatives who will save us all from the nasty, nasty wiberals.

If you're not familiar with StopBeck's tireless one-man campaign to de-fund this maniac, you should really stop by his blog and meet him. So far, he's managed to get most brand-conscious sponsors to yank their advertising from Beck's show, simply by reaching out and asking them if they really want to sponsor this guy and associate their brand with them? Of course, those who continue to advertise get the boycott treatment from those of us following StopBeck on Twitter, too.

It's amazing what one person with the will and the determination can do. Yes, Beck's show is still on the air, but that's mostly because Rupert Murdoch is willing to foot the bill for his nonsense.

Because it's a one-man operation, and one that Angelo (StopBeck) does in addition to attending law school, he's holding a fundraiser to help out with the expenses. If you can help, I know he'd appreciate it. Spreading the word about him helps, too.


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