WTF, Discovery Channel? Ted Nugent? Really?

That video is from Ted Nugent's 2011 appearance on Piers Morgan's show. He very specifically says that President Obama can suck the barrel of his gun on that particular appearance. With a bit of a smirk and self-important shrug, Nugent also declares himself the next Sam Kinison.

There are many more notable Ted Nugent moments. The one in May of this year where he raged against the commies in this administration, the one in July where he expressed his wish that the South had won the Civil War, and the one in 2007 where he called HIllary Clinton a worthless bitch, which echoes the sentiment he speaks above are but just a few examples of his hateful, ugly, threatening right wing speech.

He's got a right to say those things, but I do not understand why the Discovery Channel would glorify such a foul-mouthed, self-aggrandizing piece of excrement. And yet, they are, according to Media Matters. From the press release:

In Discovery Channel's all-new one-hour special TED NUGENT'S GUN COUNTRY, premiering October 10th at 10PM E/P, viewers will get an inside look at American gun culture through the eyes of staunch second amendment defender Ted Nugent.

Meet Nugent's family and visit his sprawling Spirit Wild ranch just outside Waco, Texas, home to many species of big game that freely roam the meadows and pastures. An avid hunter and conservationist at heart, Ted has his eye on the herd of scimitar-horned oryx that have bred far faster than he anticipated. Knowing the land can't support the booming population, he plans to thin out the herd - and that sends him on a mission. He needs the right firearm and right ammo to get the job done. For that, it's a trip to top-grade firearms maker LaRue Tactical.

Nugent gets his hands on their new OBR PrediTAR .308 rifle and gets a lesson on the finer points of the weapon from renowned military sniper trainer Todd Hodnet. Ted's highpoint of the day: a 1,000 yard target that, when he hits it, causes a massive explosion that even he didn't expect.

On hunt day, Ted and his son Rocco set out at dawn to track their elusive prey and put his new weapon to use. Hours pass without any sign of the crafty antelope. But the father-son duo comes up with a plan and eventually their patience pays off. A firm believer that no animal goes to waste, Ted prepares a festive meal at the ranch that includes guests from Wounded Warriors - his way of giving back to those who fought on behalf of the country he loves so much.

Someone's going have to explain to me how "thinning the herd" involves a gun that explodes targets 1000 yards away. But even more, someone needs to explain to me why an "I love mah gun" special featuring Ted Nugent blowing away targets with his son and hanging out with Sean Hannity's charity is something worth broadcasting at all, much less on the Discovery Channel.

My kids are old enough to not even watch TV anymore. If it's not on YouTube, they don't see it. But for those of you who might actually think the Discovery Channel has content worth watching, you might want to think again, and keep the kiddies busy doing something else.

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