Zombie Tea Party Leader Mark Williams: He's Baaaack!

After Mark Williams' absurdly racist satirical letter got him booted as Tea Party Express' chairman, he assumed a sufficiently contrite position and waited for the right time to regenerate.

This is how they all operate. "Leaders" do outrageous things, make a big to-do about "stepping down" or "apologizing", separate from their initial group and form a brand-new one. They're like amoebas, splitting and proliferating that way. It's intentional and it's planned.

Via CNN:

Mark Williams, who recently resigned in disgrace as Tea Party Express spokesman, exclusively tells CNN that he is rejoining the conservative grassroots movement. As Williams revealed his new plans he also took a swipe at the Tea Party movement for not being able to move beyond "the cheerleading stage."

Williams revealed, first to CNN, that he is helping to form a political action committee that will channel "Tea Party passion" into electing conservative candidates.

Williams said the effort will be called the "Citizens Reclaiming Constitutional Liberties PAC." He told CNN that paperwork is currently being filed to establish the group and that it should be up and running by August 16. From there, the PAC will proceed in raising seed money and finding candidates it deems conservative enough, Williams said.

As long as there's funding, they'll just split and multiply like one-celled brainless species. There's a certain strange disconnect in having a guy like Williams "reclaiming Constitutional Liberties." I wish someone would ask him how he feels about this week's Prop 8 decision. That's certainly a question of Constitutional liberties, but it could be that Mark Williams is a racist with no opinion on gays.

And if you believe that...


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