Ann Coulter: At The End Of That Debate, Michelle Wanted To Go Home With Mitt

Ann Coulter visited Fox & Friends this morning to offer her special brand of insight into the presidential debate last night. But Coulter never seems to pass up an opportunity for an inflammatory, attention-getting sound bite, no matter how childish or mean-spirited. And it's always welcome on Fox News. Today’s Coulterism was, "You could see at the end of that debate, (Obama) knew that, anniversary or not, Michelle wanted to go home with Mitt."

Coulter was dressed as though she were off to a cocktail party – at 7:30 in the morning. She offered up her latest nugget after being asked, “How much did Romney win and how much did the president lose?” She answered that it was “some of both.” Then she added,

(Obama) was very, very bad last night. He looked depressed, he looked anemic. Those big ears poking out… You could see at the end of that debate, he knew that anniversary or not, Michelle wanted to go home with Mitt.

To the credit of the curvy couch crew, the joke fell somewhat flat, though co-host Gretchen Carlson emitted what sounded like a half-chuckle, half-guffaw. But can you imagine the right-wing hissy fit if, say, Michael Moore said such a thing about Ann Romney?

I don’t ordinarily like to give Coulter the kind of attention she hounds after with these kinds of remarks. But I think it’s important to recognize and highlight that this is the kind of discourse that is routinely offered on Fox News. Even if it’s not fully appreciated by the hosts, it gets a friendly platform and without challenge.

It’s a safe bet Coulter will be back on Fox News soon and once again presented as a credible, mainstream analyst.


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