Fox Guest: We Are Blessed By The One Percent

If you don’t believe that Fox Newsies would love nothing better than to go back to the feudal system where those with money and property rule the rest of us, check out guest John Tamny’s remarks on Fox & Friends this morning where he pointedly said our country is “blessed by the efforts of the relatively few. (The) one percent.” Implicit in the sentiment is that the rest of us are just schlubs who should kowtow to their greatness – and give them more money.

Despite the fact that the election could be seen as a referendum on Americans’ support for the middle class, Fox has spent the days since then waging class warfare in an effort to paint Obama voters as welfare queens just looking for more stuff.

Meanwhile, they applaud those one percenters who want more stuff in the way of tax cuts. There’s no way that Fox & Friends didn’t know that was the kind of cheerleading they’d get when they booked John Tamny on the show this morning. This is the same guy who said just a few months ago on Fox that police and firefighters should be thanking us for their cushy livelihoods at our expense.

In a discussion about the “burden of looming taxes,” as the banner on the screen put it, co-host Dave Briggs asked Tamny if the Bush tax cuts would end for those making more than $250,000 a year as President Obama has been such a “stickler” for.

TAMNY: I don’t think so. I think actually they won’t come to an end because Democrats, conversely, don’t want major reductions in spending and so if you hit the cliff, it wouldn’t just be taxes going up, it would be spending going down and we know that politicians love to spend money. So my guess is that they’re actually going to get some sort of extension of the Bush tax cuts. And that’s very good for the economy, lest we forget we are blessed by the efforts of the relatively few. That one percent is Jeff Bezos ( CEO), that’s Fred Smith of FedEx, that’s the late Steve Jobs (of Apple). You want to remove the barriers to their production, not raise them.

You can hear one of the hosts agreeing with Tamny off camera.

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