That's Gawker's John Cook in front of Jesse Watter's Long Island home. You know Jesse. He's Bill O'Reilly's evil minion/stooge/flunkie who dutiful
April 29, 2009

That's Gawker's John Cook in front of Jesse Watter's Long Island home. You know Jesse. He's Bill O'Reilly's evil minion/stooge/flunkie who dutifully goes out and stalks,, ambushes such evil-doers of BilloWorld™ such as Bill Moyers, Amanda Terkel, Russell Tice, Rep. Robert Wexler, among others. So Gawker decided to give Jesse a little taste of his own medicine. Surprise, surprise! Jesse doesn't seem to appreciate his own tactics being turned on him:

Watters makes a living startling enemies of his boss Bill O with a video camera and coming back with embarrassing footage that O'Reilly pretends is "news." But in an act of pure weeniness Watters refuses to discuss his work with anyone. We thought we had a good chance of finding him leaving his house for the office this morning, but not everyone can be a stalker extraordinaire like Watters. A tipster has passed on info (or misinformation!) from a source inside Fox that says Watters is at his desk, and that his wife—a Gawker fan, according to a different tipster—is quite worked up over the visit. Our team learned some valuable lessons: 1) a stakeout's best done on an empty bladder and 2) be sure to cover all possible exits. (If he's not still at home, we think he either slipped out when John and Richard went to the loo, or walked out a back way to the nearby train station.) Rookie mistakes happen. And, Jesse, your taunts only make us more determined. (Video available at Gawker site)
Aww....poor widdle Jesse. Those meanies at Gawker have him skulking and hiding like a frightened little kitten. How dare they show him what it's like to be ambushed. The nerve! But Jesse, honey, you ain't seen nothing yet. We know you're going to be at Netroots Nation this August, no doubt hoping to find that proof of marching orders from George Soros. There's a whole bunch of us who will be there too--including John Amato--and just know, we're looking for you too.

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