For Tea Party Rep Allen West, Biggest Danger For US: Chinese Control Of Panama Canal. Um, What???

(h/t ThinkProgress)

Rep. Allen West is a dangerous man. We've shown the proud tea bagger's proclivities toward violence, surrounding himself with other loonies and criminals and absolute intolerance of dissent at his town halls. He is the epitome of the tea party.

And like most of the tea party, Allen West has no interest in understanding the issues on any kind of true educated level. Being dumb and violently inclined has worked so well for him so far. That's why he can come up with gems like this:

Warning the crowd about the economic and national security dangers that China poses to the United States, West declared – twice – that “China is in control of the Panama Canal”:

WEST: I had the opportunity to go down to the United States southern command which is headquartered in Miami, Florida. There is a huge threat coming up out of South America through Central America, through Mexico, and into the United States. Iran is in South America. Hezbollah is in South America. I already talked about how China is in control of the Panama Canal. And even about 50 miles away from here in the Bahamas, building a port there. You know, there is some serious threats to our country.

Um, huh??? Those of us who do not live in a booga booga! fear-mongering reality where scary Mooslims can live all over the world without being painted as Hezbollah know that the US gave back control of the Panama Canal zone to...wait for it...Panama in 1999. Not China. Nor has China attempted to wrest control of the canal zone from Panama.

But piddly little details like facts are something quite beyond Allen West. Thanks, South Florida voters.


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