Wingnuts Want David Gregory Arrested For Violating DC Gun Ban

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I will never understand the wingnut mind. Apparently their Second Amendment right are absolute and can never be subject to regulations, restrictions or even a suggestion of safety. But have a talk show host get tough on NRA President Wayne LaPierre on the inconsistency of his stance and they're clutching their pearls in outrage. Outrage, I tell you!

For example, the uber-right wing blog The Patriot Perspective was eager to cite chapter and verse of the DC gun ban to prove that David Gregory, by holding up the 30 bullet magazine in front of LaPierre, was flagrantly in violation. Of course, getting Stretch Gregory in trouble (with a maximum penalty of $1000 or one year in jail) is too delicious for Drudge, Malkin, The Blaze and the Breitbots to ignore, so they've hopped on the wagon too.

Now it may be that Gregory was in violation of the DC gun ban. But it could also be entirely possible--since he works at a television studio--that the magazine was a prop. Or it may have been spent and without bullets. But since he asked tough questions of LaPierre and pointed out the hypocrisy and inconsistency of his stance, the wingnut parade is just gonna assume that he went out and bought himself a 30 bullet magazine just for verisimilitude in this interview.

There have been 146 gun deaths since Newtown alone. That's just over one week. And these geniuses have nothing better to do than worry about David Gregory brandishing a magazine (not in a gun, mind you) on television. Wingnut priorities.


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