November 13, 2013

Teddy's wedding day with Not-Pregnant Peggy (or is she?) approaches. Mopey Maddie feels left out and tells Rayna she wants to get to know Deacon better, which means Rayna has to have that very awkward co-parenting talk with Deacon -- about the teenaged kid he only recently found out was his.

Deacon is a little surprised when Scarlett and Avery stumble into his kitchen. "Are you two back together?" he asks. Scarlett mumbles something about they're not not together.

Gunnar is rolling between the sheet with Zooey when he gets a phone call from Sleazy Jeff, who wants to meet with him. Could this be his big break?

Meanwhile, Rayna tells Scarlett she'll be leaving tomorrow as an opening act for Luke Wheeler. "Are you sure I'm ready?" a doubtful Scarlett asks. (Note to Rayna: There's some Loretta Lynn foreshadowing here, I'm thinking.)

Charlie "runs into" Juliette and her manager Glenn at the industry conference. Once they're undressing in her hotel room, he tells her she shouldn't be sucking up to the radio people. "You're a huge, huge star. They should be courting you."

Teddy and Rayna have an actual fight over whether Maddie will sing at Teddy's wedding reception. (About time, they're way too nice to each other for a divorced couple!) "Maddie can make choices, too, and you have to respect that," Rayna says to Teddy. Afterward, she comforts Maddie. "He's leaving us," Maddie says. "What if they have kids of their own? He's going to make time for me when I'm not even his daughter?" Oh Maddie. Divorced dads abandon their own children all the time, honey, that's no guarantee!

Juliette tells top country DJ Bobby Delmont to take his hands off her, and he's all, like, WTF? "I'm just not 17 and desperate any more," she coos. (That night, Bobby gets even by tweeting about how Layla's the newest star and Juliette's cold leftovers. So most of the media types leave after Lyla's performance.)

Teddy talks to Peggy about postponing the wedding to reassure Maddie. "You're the one running for Congress and you want to walk your six-months' pregnant girlfriend down the aisle?" Peggy says. (Is she or isn't she?) Teddy finally gives in.

Layla really wants to go out with gay Will. "Don't forget, it's a business arrangement," he retorts. He hasn't forgotten how Miss Thing screwed his friend Scarlett. I like your loyalty, Will!

Will sees Brent out on a date with his new boyfriend and you see all the closeted torment in his eyes. Oh Will, come out! Come out! We'll get you a cover story on People!

Juliette is freaking out, reading all the Twitter snark about her performance. She blames Charlie for telling her to blow off Santa Claus. Who? Charlies wants to know. "Bobby Delmont. They call him Santa because to get anywhere, you have to sit on his lap and be a good little girl. That's my life. That's what it's like for women in this business," Juliette tells him.

Teddy talks to Maddie before the wedding. "You'll always be my first girl," he says. Aww.

Rayna is driving around his estate with Luke Wheeler in a battered old Bronco (because of course a male country star drives a Ford!). He commiserates with Rayna about the challenges of exes and parenting. "My ex is getting married today," she tells him. He helps her let off some of her stress by taking her target shooting. And then sex.

Deacon has asked Avery to accompany him on guitar at an open mike in Murfreesboro, but when they get there, it's under new management and it's a comedy club. Fortunately, Rayna calls him and tells him Maddie needs him.

Juliette finds out Charlie fired Bobby Delmont, and tells Charlie she doesn't need him to fight her battles for him. She demands he rehire him.

Gay Will, who had that anonymous one night stand with Brent before he knew who Brent worked for, asks him if his date is his boyfriend. "Yes. Unlike some people I know, I like my relationships to mean something." Oo, burn!

Maddie and Daphne do sing at the reception, but Maddie becomes mopey again when she sees Teddy dance with Daphne and calls Rayna to come pick her up. Rayna's cuddling in bed with Luke, who philosophically tells her, "Kids come first." At home, Maddie asks, "Will Daddy ever look at me the way he does at Daphne?"

After Rayna calls Deacon and tells him Maddie wants her father, he says he'll start tonight. Next thing we know, Avery and Deacon are onstage at the Bluebird, with Rayna and Maddie sitting in the audience. Aww again. Afterward, Deacon sits and talks with Maddie while Rayna looks on.

Some good ole boys go after tBrent and his date in the hotel bar, harassing them. Will gets up and leaves, but when the rednecks leave to get their car, Will gives them a good stomping. But THEN he goes to Layla's room and starts kissing and undressing her. "Where you been, cowboy?" Layla purrs. Ugh.

Jeff offers Gunnar an opening slot for Luke Wheeler's tour and one at the Music City Festival if he can have Gunnar's song for Will. Gunnar agrees.

Juliette calls Bobby Delmont to come see her. She tells him she had him fired, and then she had him rehired. "You leave those girls alone," she warns him. "Oh, and I get twice as much airplay as Layla Grant."

Layla gets in the elevator with Juliette, and informs her she has an "exclusive interview" with an important DJ who's here to see her. Juliette says she's done a few "exclusives" herself, and says, "If anybody treats you like a whore on this tour, come tell me." Layla snidely replies, "I'm not you," and gets out.

Imagine Scarlett's surprise when Gunnar walks onto her tour bus. Uh oh. Here comes trouble.

And in a real shocker, Olivia drops by to see Juliette. "I know you're sleeping with my husband. But what I don't understand is why you're not sleeping with me." She plants a big wet sloppy one on Juliette. Whoa, who saw that coming? Next week should be good!

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