Will Obamacare Break Through Fox News Lies?

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Once Obamacare kicks in and people learn that they get medical coverage at minimal cost, it will indeed begin to sink into the minds of the nation's poorest that the Republicans (and Fox News) have been lying to them. This is probably why John Boehner keeps insisting that the provisions of the Affordable Care Act be part of the deficit negotiations -- but Obama has apparently told them to kiss his behind. Via Booman Tribune:

Think about Boone County, West Virginia. It is 98.5% white and 22% of its residents are living in poverty. The median income for a household is $25,669. In 2012, the Federal Poverty Level (FPL) is set at $11,170 for a one-person household and rises by $3,960 for each additional family member. Thus, the FPL for a four-person family in 2012 is $23,050. I think we can surmise from these numbers that a very high percentage of the families in Boone County are going to be eligible for health care subsidies in the highest range.

People and families earning 133 percent of FPL, for example, will have to pay only 2 percent of their income toward the health insurance premium.

In Boone County, a family of four making the median income of $25,669 will only have to pay two percent of their income ($513/annually) toward a $10,000 health insurance plan. The government will also cover 94% of their out-of-pocket expenses. President Obama only received 32.9% of the vote in Boone County. I think candidate Biden or Cuomo or Clinton or Warner or whomever else will have a good shot at improving that number.

When Mitt Romney talked about the president winning the election by giving out gifts, he was wrong. Almost no one understood that they would be receiving gifts of this magnitude. If they had understood it, they would have told Romney to take his promise to repeal ObamaCare and shove it up his ass. I believe this is true in small, white, rural counties all over America.

I think John Boehner agrees with me, which is why he is still talking about destroying ObamaCare. When you take a poor, white family of four living in the Appalachian mountains of West Virginia and you give them $9,500 a year to make sure they all have health insurance and you cover 94% of their out of pocket health care expenses, you have effectively counter-programmed the crap they've been seeing on Fox News. You want a new New Deal coalition? Here it comes.


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